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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:28 AM

Before I officially start ranting off about what I have to say about the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, do understand that I am not taking sides with either team as I'm a Bulls Fan till my very Last Breath. Over the course of the last decade during the playoffs, other then the Bulls, you either see me supporting the Celtics or the Thunder; KG and KD. As most of my friends will know, I Love LeBron's Basketball Game more then Kobe's; it's a complete package. However, I more then often admit that LeBron does not possess that mentality and determination which Kobe has that wills his Team to a Championship Ring. As of this blogpost, the San Antonio Spurs leads the NBA Final Series 3 - 2. History suggests that the Spurs  will most likely win the Championship and I would agree. I did predict that the Spurs will win it all in 6 Games.

This has been a real entertaining series so far and I am loving every bit of it. What more can you ask for. Game 1 was tightly contested with Spurs winning it at Miami. Wow~ Then LeBron and Co. reminded them whose house they are in with a Blowout win in Game 2. So Spurs was like alright... wait till you're on my homecourt; and BANG!! Game 3 wasn't just a Blowout win for the Spurs, they reminded the Heat who has been the silent contender all these years. Game 4 was a pure Dwayne Wade Show; the ultimate slasher of old, of video games. Then Manu Ginobili started?! I can't even remember when was the last time was that and he had a breakout performance. Not forgetting that Danny Green breaks Ray Allen's record of 23 (of 42) three-pointer [most threes in an NBA Finals] by hitting 25 (of 38) three-pointer; that is a ridiculous 65.79%. No wonder his team-mates are just asking him to launch it.

You may have noticed that I have yet to really mention anything about LeBron's game or how he is a factor of the Miami Heat's wins or losses for that matter. There is enough critics / comments about what he can do, should do and even giving the KING a break because he is still human. I do agree that we do not complain about Kevin Durant or Kobe when they lose by missing that "Clutch" shot. We do complain about Kobe not sharing the ball enough yet we criticize LeBron for "passing" up that "Clutch" shot when you do have to agree that if he is a mere NBA player, that would be the right thing to do. 

My problem with him is that he whines about Referee's calls, I too assume that he doesn't really enjoy the physical play since he shoots more then he drives and doesn't post though it is a definite mis-match when he is at the 4. Unlike Michael Jordan, LeBron shies away from challenges and trash talks without backing it up. I do not doubt LeBron's ability, it is just that I rather he proves it rather then let his tongue wag. LeBron allows too much comments and critics to get into his head though he always deny it. He too is driven by personal stats and glory though he denies it. Michael Jordan and even Kobe Bryant never cared. They only have one goal every season; play towards a Championship and along the journey, be that role model, that voice, that inspiration and that Leader for his team; Dominate and will the team to be the best they can be. Sadly, I've yet to see that from LeBron.

LeBron has to understand that the Miami Heat is now his team and he needs to play and act like the Superstar that he is. Expectations are bound to come especially if your nickname is the "King". Since he embraced this nickname, then he had better start to act like one. It's not like I'm being harsh but most would agree that LeBron is a talented and gifted athlete and a real god sent basketballer after Michael Jordan. Therefore we expect only the best from him just like what we do of Michael Jordan. Anything less would be a crime, a sin. So when is LeBron finally gonna get it and understand that his benchmark is different from everyone else's. I have yet to WITNESS his greatness.

All I have seen throughout the last 3 years is how lethal and deadly the Spurs has been. Gregg Charles Popovich is indeed the best coach after Phil Jackson. The nucleus of Tony Parker, Manu Ginóbili and Tim Duncan has been a thorn in the flesh for a lot of teams. They have been boring but a stable and consistent threat all these years. They just lacked that Luck but that changed thus year; A sub-par Lakers team without Kobe, a fast and energetic Warriors team that lacked playoff maturity and an outplayed / overpowered Grizzlies which could have been OKC had Westbrook not gone down. [I still honestly believe that OKC would have given Spurs a run for their money if they had their full roster.] Yes! I am saying that even though the Spurs is an elite NBA team that plays "Team", they couldn't and wouldn't have come this far with such health and rest if not for the Luck they have for this Playoffs.

But then I am not writing them off or anything. As the poster above says it all:
Tony Parker: "When there is talk about the best point guards, sometimes they don't talk about me. But that's not my main motivation, they can talk about Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Deron Williams and Chris Paul. I still have the most rings."
Gregg Popovich: "We would have two less championships here if it was not for Manu Ginóbili. In my eyes, he's the stud of the world."
Ben Wallace: "He put his team on his shoulders and carried them to a championship that's what the Great players do."
You can't deny the fact nor how much truth those words say about the Spurs Big Three. Now you add Danny Green, Tiago Splitter, Kawhi Leonard and Gary Neal to the mix. This is a very well coached and balanced team.
When the final whistle blows at the end of Game 6. Tim Duncan will finally hold his 5th Championship together with another recognition of how great a point guard Tony Parker is. Manu Ginóbili will go down in history as a Superstar regardless of as a starter or off the bench. Danny Green will be know as the new "Hot Shot" of the NBA. Let's go SPURS!!!


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