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Monday, November 07, 2011 12:00 PM

So here we have the end of the F4 matter-of-factly. It has been a good ride overall. Its just sad that in had to end in such a fashion.

It all started in 2002 July. It was during the SJCC Orientation that I met Ezzat. He's a pretty spontaneous chap given his goody-boy outlook and we hit off as friends pretty easily. The reason being either we shared similar interests or that pole dance we did. LOL~

Then there was Jaeson, our 'diva' of the orientation batch. Seriously he didn't leave much of an impression at first but I noticed during the audition for JMD. We hit it off with subsequent practices.

Fast forward >>>>>

Xiang Min was introduced to us by Ota Sensei as the camera guy during one of the 'Cat A' practices after JMD's restructuring with Ezzat as JMD Head and me as Vice-Head. The 4 of us became close friends during the period of practices for Chingay 2003 at JAS.

Fast forward >>>>>

The Taiwanese idol group, F4 is the biggest thing in Asia and due to us somewhat being inseparable, always hanging out and doing everything together; we are labelled as F4 too.

Fast forward >>>>>

As time passes, friends became close friends and then matured into a brotherhood. Mere words itself are not able to express the bond we have with one another. We have braved many storms together and conquer obstacles one after another. This brotherhood that we have and very much nurtured over the years was unique and a pillar of strength for us.

Fast forward >>>>>

There are up and downs in life and we know that much better than many others given the kinda situations and circumstances that we put ourselves through. However, we never did brace ourselves for what is to come...

We tried our best to put up with the various 'crap' and stories that were thrown in our faces and we took it in the best stride that we could but sadly it was not enough to salvage the destruction of this brotherhood. I ain't gonna be pointing fingers since I strongly believe that we all have a part to play in this finale but I can't help but find Ezzat responsible for it all. Everyone has his or her right to decide what they what in life but sometimes you just gotta take into consideration of how this decision may affect the people in your life.

Nevertheless, I respect his decision to stand by his family just as I too know that he respects my decision to stand by mine. The last favour that we will do for one another is to be totally out of one another's life and to ignore all forms of 'communications' or what-so-ever should we receive any. All in all I wish for the best in Ezzat's future endeavors~~

Peace out~

D^Boy aka HiiRaGi

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