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Friday, September 09, 2011 10:43 AM
Things after... (F4)
Just as with many things in life in which we have to make choices; there too will be a time we have to make a choice if we should/could keep a relationship with another individual or group of people. There are times we are forced by circumstances to leave and the only thing left are the memories that we bring along and treasure along with the rest of our baggage.

This post is about me being yet again at this junction which breeds familiarity yet ironically feels so different. That nostalgic scent of strong brotherly emotions fills the air once again as we prepare to bid farewell to one of our brothers who will officially leave our shore and be back in Hong Kong to venture in greater things. However, unlike the previous time so many years ago, gone are the tears and that reluctance to part. I strongly believe that we'll miss him but we understand that the distance will not diminish this bond so strong. We sincerely wish him all the best and that he'll forever be our littlest brother regardless of which part of the World he may be.

That being said, I've to be honest that a part of me says, "good riddance" as he sure has put me through plenty of crap as do any other younger sibling. Hopefully & I pray to God that he will be given the maturity & strength to be an independent individual that garners the love & respect of the people he will soon meet. "Grow Up!!" Lol~

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Overall, I'm good and I'm not bothered by anything anymore after the last meet-up with my brothers. All doubts & rumours are being cleared and I too have said what I wanted.

Regardless of what happens, the 4 of us are brothers forever. God Bless!!

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