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Tuesday, September 20, 2011 10:35 PM
September till 13 Oct 2011.
A couple of weeks back, I was feeling all low and ridiculously emotional still by the end of the day. It ain't like as if I had a real bad day but maybe it's cos I woke up on the wrong side of bed. "Yeah~ that has got to be it". Haven't been feeling so shitty fer quite a while and I don't miss it at all.

"What happened?" you ask. Well, my Mum woke me up this morning instead of my favourite tunes on my phone. She rattled on and on about the IPad and what apps she wanted me to install and what her friends have in theirs. "Fuck!" She has forgotten that I need the peace and quiet of my personal space before and after I get outta bed.

The rain may have cooled the temperature but it sure got me worked up emotionally. I started to think of the past; of the people who walked in and out of my life (vice versa) and certain decisions I made in life. Adding on to it partially was the conversation I had with my neighbour and the movie "A little bit of Heaven".

I've fought and survived many "battles" in life but I'm so so tired. Where is thy harbour? When can I finally rest thy tired soul and recharge before I embark on another journey in life?

Then I literally worked till I drop today as there was so much work this week. I too was told a bad news which got me disappointed as I wouldn't be able to have that "rest" I was looking forward to. Things ain't exactly looking up for the week. Damm...!

--- --- --- --- ---

SJCC Anniversary was kinda rocking though weird as Ota Sensei couldn't grace this event. He is the primo and what's the point of celebrating it if he ain't here. Still, we understand that he was on standby to return to Japan any time as there was some emergency of sorts back home. Nevertheless, Lue Song gave a summary version of Ota Sensei's speech on his behalf after listening to it over his keitai.

It was fun as many juniors and Alumni I knew turned up and it was always great catching up with them. I too could see that the main committee had put in much effort yo make this a successful event. It was a colorful event with many new ideas put in and "Yes..." I too contributed with my adidas originals lime-green pants and Nike Lunar trainers. Hahaha~

However, the most fun we had was over dinner as usual as we cracked jokes at the expenses on one another and plenty of laughter to go around. We had so much fun that I feel that I should organize a "Danny & Friends" gathering to get everyone together. Sherwin even suggested his place. :)


Sadly, there was a very disturbing incident that happened on this day. A close friend of mine did something unforgivable. This person totally had no regards for the law or whatsoever or merely abused the trust and authority he/she has. I was totally shocked and utterly disappointed when I knew about it two days later.

I remained indifferent and decided not to take any drastic action simply because I promised the victim to be nonchalant and cool about it. The victim still wanna remain friends but this incident has definitely scarred the friendship between them needless to say myself.

Things are definitely not the same anymore and it will take quite a while for that trust to build up once more. I could only pray for that person to realize how severe this incident is before he loses all people close to him/her.

--- --- --- --- ---

After that tiring week, my Mum told me about the upcoming Wedding of my "Pretty" neighbour and two days later, I was told the same neighbour's Dad passed away. Talk about the unpredictability of life... At first the preparation of festivity and suddenly the need for mourning.

It is the first time that Jeff and I had our first de net conversation after being neighbours for like 10 years all "thanks" to the death of his Dad. His dad has been struggling with Cancer for seven years and it was due to the news that he may not have much time left on Earth that his Sister decides to get married; so that her Dad may see her down the isle.

The following day, I accompanied Zoey aka my Bestie neighbour who stays on the eleven floors above down to the funeral. The three of us finally got together after so long. It was definitely awkward since this is not how we pictured our first gathering to be. Nevertheless, we had good subtle fun though laughing and smiles are not exactly what you expect at a funeral.

We promised to watch a movie and KTV soon together and also to get more "recruits" from our block. Lol~

--- --- --- --- ---

Xiang Min was spontaneous for once in his life and I'm damm freaking proud of my brother for taking my encouragement to go ahead and watch Namie Amuro's concert in Japan.

In actual fact, I was more excited then he was before his trip as he will be watching my Number 1 female idol from Japan!! All hail Queen of Pop (Japan) Namie Amuro!!!

Xiang Min returned from his trip refreshed, rebooted and with loads of goodies for everyone in his "circle" and even the JMD year ones. Indeed a very sweet dude. :) He got me plenty of souvenirs from the concert itself though I seriously have no idea how I would use the Namie Amuro file and even the notepad. Hahaha~

Max LOVE to my Brothers!!!

--- --- --- --- ---

JMD resumed on 1st October 2011. It feels good to start dancing with the younger peeps once again. I am glad to see the bond the freshies, who are now officially juniors, have formed over the last semester; be it among themselves or with the Alumni.

It is great that Qing Yuan aka Elmo dropped by and started the first session with "Introduction to Popping". It sure pumped up everyone who attended the session. We were all so tired and our muscles were so tense when we finally stopped for lunch.

After lunch, the juniors resumed their training with me as instructor and my main focus is to correct their posture, framework and to be able to turn well correctly (performance level). They too started on the choreography of Namie Amuro's Black Out.

I wasn't there for most of their second session but apparently they did do some traditional and Elmo continued with more basics for Popping; isolation.
The only thing I did with them was to ensure that they were technically correct for Namie Amuro's Black Out which equates to only one set done. OMFG!!!

The only best thing of the day was the motivation and drive that I saw in some of their eyes. Oh yeah~ not forgetting the Bball (after a whole week of rain depriving me), Swim and Steamboat Dinner.

Last but not least about JMD, Jia Lin of Chinese Dance background and our Prince-like Zita are the understudies of Fook Yu and me. :)

--- --- --- --- ---

Helipad (club floor) aka my second home has officially closed it's doors for renovations till mid-November.

It was a helluva party on 01 October 2011 as Helipad opened it's doors for the dance floor for one last time before renovation begins. DJ Special K pumped it up with his innovative and smooth transition progressive mixes; Pop - Hip-hop - Grunge - House. The club was packed with familiar faces who love Helipad just like I do and everyone was bringing their moves to the floor. It had all the factors of being one of the best parties this year; hot chicks, suave dudes, the dancers and an awesome DJ.

Us regular Helipad homies went down to savor the taste of the infamous Sarong Partfly one last time before we have to wait another 6-8 weeks for the next chance. Of course we too had to show our support to the club and it's staff. Most importantly, we had to strut our moves on the dance floor and hopefully we manage to put up a performance worth remembrance.

All in all, the jam-packed Helipad is sure what I would love to see when it re-opens it's doors!! Party On!!! :)

Note: Lue Song sure as some darn unique moves which Iwould be too embarrassed to do. Lol~

--- --- --- --- ---

It's not often that I mention my juniors from JMD in my blog after only a semester. Nevertheless, I find the need to since I hate gossips circulating around.

Kei Kei and I are pretty close mainly because we both speak our native tongue, Cantonese. We share plenty with each other and I really appreciate and treasure this friendship. Therefore, I am appalled by the fact that whenever a girl gets close to me or I'm slightly friendly to her it means there is "more then meets the eyes". For goodness sake, you gossipers should go fuck yourself if you should be so free to talk behind people's back; the sensation you gossipers will experience will be more satisfying I promise.

Use your God given brains. Firstly, I'm attached~ Secondly, she is thirteen years younger. Lastly, I have learnt my mistakes and no way am I repeating them.

Then there too are the "talk" about Xiang Min and Kei Kei. If you gossipers have so much queries and questions, why don't you just direct it at them personally? The truth is far more simple then the stories you gossipers have imagined it to be. I believe they will answer truthfully since there is nothing to hide.

We are just three individuals who are merely friends and am not thankful in any way to become the lead characters of the gossipers stories unwillingly. So if you gossipers do not mind, "leave us out of your stories."

Next is Melissa. She is that skater-girl that lives next door. That girl that will ask you out for "Guy" activities which you couldn't resist. That girl that you treat no different from your guy buddies. So if you gossipers also couldn't handle this fact, then it's time to wake up!!

A man and woman can have a platonic relationship and should anyone find that difficult, it is merely because he/she is hormonal driven and is no different from an animal. We are humans; we can think and are able to manage our emotions and desires.

So if the 4 of us are mature enough to see that "line" and understand the complications involved. I seriously think that these people should learn to keep their mouth shut.

--- --- --- --- ---

Last update: a simple sentence says it all, "I LOVE My Girlfriend." :)

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