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Saturday, September 03, 2011 1:43 AM

Here I am finally after months of negligence to my blog. Sometimes I seriously ponder if I should just shut it down since it collects more dust than thoughts/feelings. My blog has lost its informative value on kicks and all that basketball crap that I always rant about. I'm always so occupied with things over the past 2 months that I hardly have time for myself.

The industry has kinda picked up and suddenly there are more things to be done. I am managing well with the work load but just that there ain't enough time for me to accomplish all the personal tasks which I have committed to.

This is most felt in terms of my basketball training with the club, 新德球会. I often end up having to work till late and not attending most of my training for the month of August. Then before that, I had skipped training due to a sprained ankle all thanks to an Ass-hole piece of Caucasian shit who had to stoop to underhand methods to prevent me from being a threat to his team during a friendly game.

I really feel so bad that I have not shown enough commitment to the team of which I seriously wanna be effective and help in any way possible. However with my constant missing of training, I definitely would not be able to play well together with my new team-mates. That being said... its is sad that most of our old comrades will now be our enemies when we meet on the court... There is only 3 of us left of the original 新德球会. I don't really wanna go into details but only to wish them the best in their new team. I will prove to them that our team can do it though we have such a young core of players and let them understand the impossible is possible as long as you put your heart to it.

Since I'm on the topic of my favourite sport, I may as well continue ranting on about it. Recently truth be told... I'm getting sick of it... I guess i yearn for a higher standard of play; a more focused and fast paced game based on defence and transitions. I'm used to being the second option of the offense over these years and the first to speed down the court igniteing the fast-break and taking on whoever that dares challenge me. I'm used to having the ball in the lane and firing off that slight fade-away or exploding to the rim instead of that set shot. Nevertheless, these are not the main reasons of my complains. The main thing is that my basketball buddies of 北翼篮球同好会 are not taking the game seriously enough. I understand that we're just a "get together weekly game group" but dun they aspire to play a better game and to bring out that potential within? Then again, who am I to complain... As of it is, indeed we are nothing more then basketball enthusiast who has gathered together to play weekly merely for the love of the game and to sweat it out. However, I really see plenty of potential in this group of guys.

Lastly on basketball, it has gotta be about the kicks man. I'm currently rocking the Jordan CP3 Advance and it is indeed a pretty awesome shoe. The cushioning and transition from heel to toe is seamlessly smooth. My only complain is that as with all Jordans, the forefoot area is a tad spacious for feet (slim) like mine but thanks to the carbon-fiber composite wing at the mid-foot and support band, this shoe has great stability. Therefore you wouldn't really feel that extra space if you lace it up tight. The Jordan CP3 Advance is more of a mid-cut shoe then a low-cut thus your ankles are relatively well-supported. However do note that as it is made of that "sock-sleeve" material only so as to reduce weight kinda crap theory the sides do give way when you go for that hard lateral cut which is both good and bad. The final insight to this pair of upgrade to the CP3 IV is that it retains the ridculously good traction thus allowing you to break and shake and bake your opponent as long as you have that ball-handling skills to maximize the whole shoe's potential. That's the end of my review for the Jordan CP3 Advance and I would recommend it to anyone playing positions 1, 2, or 3.

However, If you ask me which was the best shoe for the last NBA season of 2010-2011. My vote goes to the Jordan Melo VII. Best shoe I've worn during this NBA season period. A+ in all aspects.

The next topic has definitely gotta be about dance.

There were a few factors that played a part in agreeing on being the Division head / instructor for Japanese Music & Dance once again; the last time I held the post in Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club was back in 2003-2004.

According to proper time-frame:

1) My Passion for Dance ain't dead.

2) JMD has totally fallen after the last three remaining members were asked to quit the division by me since SJCC could not meet their various demands and mainly there were too much bad blood. It is time for a hard reset for the once glorious JMD.

3) After being "just another guy" at Natsu Matsuri last year, I've sworn that Ardorythmatics will be up on the stage this year and be the crew that rocks the stage literally. It just doesn't feel right being another spectator... We will once again be the one to set the mood and atmosphere and direct the emotions of the crowd.

4) I was told of Takahashi Sensei's death... She was a mentor that had motivated and shaped me in many ways simply through her actions and her warmth. We may not be able to communicate well due to the language barrier however her teachings were well transmitted and received and has nurtured me into being a better person and a much better leader. She was a humble person who gave much of herself to the Japanese Community in Singapore and always help closed the gap between cultures/races. From her I learnt that I could give back to the community and make a difference simply by imparting my knowledge and sharing my experiences. This year's performance is a tribute to her, thus the use of MARU MARU MORI MORI.

5) The current JMD batch has shown much interest and is heavily involved in practices. They too had sacrificed their time to be part of Natsu Matsuri 2011 and practiced real hard. They made me feel that they are indeed worth my time and I have to thank the Alumni, Wendy, Bryan, Ban Theng and Xiang Min for their help. The biggest help is of course from Fook Yu who is over-looking the members when I am not around. I am glad that things have worked out more or less according to my plans and along the curriculum I have set. The JMD now is no longer just raw carbon but a promising diamond of unparalleled radiance with a little more work.

That ends the 5 main reasons I am spending so much of my time and attention on JMD once more. Sessions before Natsu Practices may not have achieved much for the juniors in terms of their technicality however it manage to improve upon their groove and beat. These sessions too has helped some members to realize this may not be the kind of activity they would want to be doing for the rest of their Polytechnic life and have left the division quietly.

The ones who have currently chose to stay are those who are really interested in what JMD has to offer. Hopefully they will feel that way for the whole of their Polytechnic life and I will do my best to provide the best I could for their development both as a dancer and as a person. After their first performance at Natsu Matsuri 2011, most of them are thirsting for more and this is definitely a good sign. This positive energy at first driven by the Alumni upon the Juniors are being recycled and is now a positive cycle of motivation, drive and hard work. I am truly proud of everyone; be it the Alumni or the Juniors!

I am really looking forward to Semester 2~ Dance on!!

The next topic has gotta be about the F4 family & the circle of people that surrounds it. As mentioned before, I have quitted the whole F4 thingy however I still do hang out with the people who are part of the family. So far, its been a blessing as I manage to stay away from all that "crap" that were usually served to me.

Nevertheless, shit happens now and then and its always shared with me but I'm glad that people understand that I will lend them a listening ear and offer a piece of my thoughts after analysis of their "problem" and nothing more. I am so not interested in being involved in other people's matters anymore. "You go clean up your own mess and all that crap."

Anyway, OZ is already in the States and we do miss him but all is good since we are all so occupied with our own things. Steve is huddling close with Lue Song nowadays and we hardly see him but he seems fine the last I saw him. Shu Herng aka Merlion is still a prick now and then which sometimes encourages me in offering him one tight slap due to his stubborn and inflexible nature. Then again, Merlion is just being Merlion and he is actually "gentle" by nature. LSB is still as lost as a dinosaur at times since he ain't exactly up-to-date on the current situations but he is always so concerned. Peace out Bro~! Daniel is still as hot-headed in all ways but we're both tight as usual. He's kinda in a pinch recently and hopefully he could resolve it in due time. Ezzat... Hmmm... Haven't really heard from him except knowing that he is working his ass off for Oliver and Pam'. He is really putting on a fight to give the best of what he could for his family. Ganbatte Bro~! Lastly Jaeson who has just held his EP launch and will be flying back home to Hong Kong for good. My take on this is of mixed emotions; I will miss my bro but not the trouble he brings.

The last thing that most people are interested in is my relationship with Trixy. As usual, I'm not someone who speaks much about my personal life. In summary, overall the relationship is good and we're into our fourth year (Yeah!!). However, the relationship does feel as if its at a standstill; no ups or downs... I too stopped being naggy about repeative issues and disappointments on certain things have become a norm. I believe she feels exactly the same. Nevertheless, we are working on it together and it is still all smiles.

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