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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 2:35 PM

Was actually deciding if I should blog about the Mavericks win in this year's NBA Finals since I'm a Chicago Bulls, PHX Suns & Celtics fan. Yet, here I am cheering for Dirk and his team. I do not like Jason Terry and trust me when I say that I'm no fan of Dirk regardless of how well he plays. However my perception of Dirk has changed in this post-season as he showed the world that he is more than just a 7-feet tall shooting machine. His display of post-up moves and finishing at the rim along with the smarts of dishing out when his team-mates are open has now assured his place as NBA's All-Time greats; he is now indeed a complete player.

The main reason for my joy of the MAVS winning it is mostly credited to my wish of Jason Kidd getting that Championship Ring he so rightly deserves. He is the first point guard I fell in love with in terms of his court vision and how he creates. He is a true point~ Much respect and love to an All-Time Great.

Then there is the "Matrix", Shawn Marion, who with his unorthodox way of shooting the ball and explosive finishes during the PHX Suns days has made him a favourite of mine. I was all upset when he got traded out of PHX and landed in the Heats. I am happy that he got that Championship Ring in the process of beating the Heats who did not treasure him for it. Nothing is sweeter then revenge.

Lastly, Tyson Chandler who used to be awesome as a Bull & later paired up so well with another of my favourite PG, Chris Paul has been shipped here and there and not taken seriously that I feel bad for him. He is considerably one of the better PF/C in the league and I love the way he plays defense. Therefore, kudos on him getting that Championship Ring ahead of LeBron James.

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I can go on about how much I dislike the Heats and how bad the "Big 3" played but I am gonna keep it minimal. They do have the perennial talents of the league however they have yet to be able to play as a team. LeBron James & Wade hogs the ball too much at times and the lack of team game in general cost them the Big win they promised everyone. They did not play Chris Bosh like a Superstar and that is something I just couldn't understand.

Simply put, compare them with Boston's "Big 3". KG, Pierce & Allen all shrunk in terms of production however all 3 was always involved in various ways and they know who is a better clutch/finisher for respective games. I guess, this can only be due to the difference in the Coach's experience.

Then the Heats was all about LeBron then Wade. This is bad since the start as though LeBron is an awesome player and even I like his plays, he is not as much a Clutch player as Wade. LeBron has shown time and again that he does not "show-up" on Big Games. He often comes up short and fires away thinking that he can save his team from a loss. The Heats have to recognize that this is Wade's team and that Bosh is as much as a 2nd option as LeBron then will the Heats win a title.

But of course, all these are purely my own thoughts based on my analysis of the game and so far I've been pretty right throughout these playoffs. The only fact that stands without speculation is that you do not need to hop on board others to win a Championship as what Dirk has shown. An All-Star indeed.

Cheers & God Bless peeps~

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