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Tuesday, June 07, 2011 1:57 PM

I haven't blog for the longest time... At least not properly. I have to admit that I have taken Twitter for granted and pushed all the blame for not blogging on its very existence. I am utterly ashamed as people around me are still able to blog consistently... Dammit Dan.

It's relatively pretty good in my life after some decisions made; be it from myself or due to repercussions of somebody else'. Regarding decisions made, the best being that of to quit being a member of 'F4'. I was so tired and worn out from all that nonsense that was shoved in my face. It felt like, "Hi, Dan. You are kind of like the head of the family right? SO solve this SHIT for me. Thanks." That ain't cool at all in my context. I felt I was taken granted for. I know I care very much for these people in my life but there are limits and indeed my patience ran dry. I started to ignore things and even people that I deem irrelevant or a catalyst of what may make me feel unnecessary stress and unhappy. It has worked really well for me so far and I feel so much lighter in load and happier in various aspects of my life.

Kizuna (?) is a Japanese word meaning "Bond". This word holds very dearly to me since this is the very root of my source of never ending energy. I may not be a member of F4 anymore and was intent to sever ties with a certain few since it feels as if our existence to one another is of redundancy but our bond is too strong and it was indeed not as easy as I thought. The only thing is that I was more blunt and straight-forward with what I had to say about certain issues affecting us as a whole. I am glad that I took a move on and really appreciate how much I mean to the people in the 'Family'; I am recognized for being a special individual not because of a 'title'. The family exists because of our bond with one another and with recent happenings and situations, I further affirm my stand that anyone or anything that tries to destroy this bond is nothing then a mere devious, corrupt & selfish worm (a pest that should be terminated).

I love the people in my life and I do not mind them leaving for the better or for what they believe in. I can only wish them the best and give them my blessings. I've reverted to watching out more about my own well-being and this too ironically is what people around me want more of me to do. I am a happier person now simply because I am merely Danny and not Danny of 'F4'.

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My thoughts about the NBA Playoffs:

WEST side

Lakers LOST!! Wootz~
Feel Bad for KOBE but great he has 1 less ring than Michael Jordan!!
OKC made it to Conference Finals!! Wootz~
OKC lost...... SOBX~
Kidd & Marion may finally get that Ring they so rightfully deserve.
I still dun really like Dirk & I detest Jason Terry. But J.J.'s cool~

EAST side

Celtics loses...
Where the hell was SHAQ??
Chicago flames through to Conference Finals!! Wootz~
D-Rose doing us Bulls Fans proud!!
Heats win it. Boo~!!!!!
MAVS vs HEATS in NBA Finals 2011

REASONS I want the MAVS to win:

  1. They are more deserving especially Kidd & Marion & yes... Dirk.
  2. I'm Anti-Heats at least for 3 seasons worth.
  3. I used to be a L.B.J. Fan.
  4. Bosh should get more credit and a bigger role.

note: If Heats win, it is because of Dwayne Wade who is a better finisher and clutch player who understands the "sense of urgency". He will be the one to will the Heats to a Championship should they win it.

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That’s all for now. =] Cheers people~

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