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Thursday, June 16, 2011 10:59 AM

I finally feel that half the year has passed with all the Birthday Celebrations in June of my brother XM, sister Jasmine and my pal Wendy. The first halve of 2011 hasn't been too bad actually and so far I've been able to take stride and pride in all I've done. God has been good to me and has lead me to magnificent choices so far. Praise the Lord~!!

Just like in the game of basketball, this first halve has been more or less a test of how my "opponent" is like and getting to know my team-mates and myself better so as that we may play to the max of our potential in the 2nd halve of the game. That is exactly how it feels like in my life as I learnt more about myself, grew individually both spiritually and mentally and making sure that I stay healthy and ready for the rest of the season. Then I too knew more of who I can rely on and who I am to trust and who are those few special individuals who I can never just ignore regardless of what has happened. However, even with that said, my priorities have changed a little as I had to twitched it to get optimal performance in my life.

More or less, that is a summary of the 1st halve of 2011 and I know it is gonna be even better.

Cheers and Have a good weekend.

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Some things I expect for the 2nd halve:-

  • 新德球会 to do better then the last and make it to at least the Top 8 with addition of new faces.

  • More "Significant" surprises.

  • JMD to have a core group of dancers; minimal of 15.

  • Plenty of Dance & Basketball practices.

  • Natsu 2011 to be a Blast and "Final Goodbye".

  • I maybe hiding during my Birthday period as usual.

  • Lastly, another Awesome X'mas awaits.

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