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Monday, December 20, 2010 1:44 PM

This is the Xmas week and it started in a good way with me having one of the best pick-up games this year at Cairnhill Community Club. I had the luxury of having Mark, Aaron and Chopper as my team-mates and we were playing one of the best 'Team' game out there; everyone knows exactly their role, hustling for possession and sharing the ball well. This in turn translates to wins regardless how tough and intense the opponents were. I had a couple of 'showtime' finishes which drew "oohs and aahs" from the players awaiting their turn.

After bball, I made my way home and met up with my Mum as she insisted that we need to visit the temple to do some praying and 'rituals'. My left 'pinky' toe was cut by some rotten/broken wood no thanks to an auntie who just wouldn't budge at the place where you burn the offerings.

I made my way out to meet Trixy and Merlion for the movie 'Tron' at The Cathay after having a good shower, laundry and playing with my little nephew who was over to visit with my sister; he is just so cute and kept on talking to Kolvis. Babies are indeed cute when they're only over to play. haha~ I left home pretty early but the MRT sure took its own sweet time and I finally reached Dhoby Ghaut after a 45mins ride. Damn WTF man. So after a late lunch at P.S. Food Court aka Indonesian Food, we rushed over to the cinema.

The show is not bad but definitely not worth to watch in 3D as more than half the show was shown in 2D. I feel so damn cheated of my money. The story was pretty interesting but there was just so much talk... Since I was so exhausted from the Basketball games in the morning, it is no wonder that I slept during all that talk... The action scenes were pretty interesting but not something that will get you hyped up since they were too short to pump any decent adrenaline through you. Nevertheless, a movie that was well enjoyed in all. A rating of 3 outta 5.

The 3 of us then made our way to help with the decor which was pretty much done by the time we arrived. It is a peculiar looking Xmas tree this year thanks to Steve's little 'Voodoo' additions which he bought from Bangkok. Nevertheless, it is great to see Dotz adding some touches to the tree and how much the gang treasure this tradition we started years back. It kinda finally got me into the mood when the tree was lit up. =]

XM, OZ, Dotz, Steve, Jae, Trix, Merlion and I then made our way to the Hawker at Blk 684 Hougang Street 62 for my favourite BBQ Stingray. We guys ate till we were so full that it hurts. LOL. Then there was plenty of jokes going around. It sure feels good that there is such a joyous atmosphere especially at these times... THANK YOU PEEPS for brightening up my day. You all finally got me excited for this year's Xmas. =]

I will be out hunting for the Gift Exchange maybe later today... hehe~ What Should I Get?

Note: Barefoot, Broken Heels, Ah Ma & our Coke Cans.

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