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Wednesday, December 01, 2010 1:12 PM

And so I have left my blog to rust and rot for almost all of eternity... and forgot all bout updating it in anyway. As usual, I have twitter to blame since all my little 'updates' are now tweets daily.

Well, I finally manged to get myself to sit down and blog about something which really got me excited since all the melodramatics that has been happening in my life in the recent months; The Jordan Melo VII.

Thanks to my pal for hooking me up with these cool kicks. Not to worry if you wanna grab a pair too as the Melo VII is available at Nike Wisma. So head on down should you be just as eager as I am to play in these.

Ok, most importantly, is how did I find the shoes after playing in them. I was a little disappointed when I was re-lacing up my pair of shoes as I found the holes not cut properly and one of it is so near the ends that I am afraid it will tear over time.

The other downside was the discomfort that I felt due to the high cutting of the shoes and its weight. However, miraculously, this feeling of discomfort was gone when I was completely into the game. Not only that, but the weight I was feeling earlier has transit into stability and I was totally killing the defense with my slashes and rebounds. Seriously, I haven't felt so secured in being able to play all positions for quite a while. I really enjoy the versatility that the shoe provides me with and the combination of MAX AIR at the heel and ZOOM AIR at the forefoot is definitely my favourite combination; The protection and transition it gives is most excellent.

So far this has got to be one of my favourite shoes that I play in this year other then the KD II and the Jordan Retro VI. So if any of you guys play the 3 and 4 positions like I do, this is definitely the shoe for you. =]

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