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Monday, June 07, 2010 5:16 PM

June, the month of Birthdays for the people inside the inner circle. This is the month which we give a token of appreciation to that person for being special in our life the whole year round and we celebrate him/her being born into this world.

Since my last update of personal well-being, nothing much has happened other than the treatment I'm getting for my ears and that the Sinema Tigers is a reality. Basketball training will be tougher and I'm mentally prepared for it however, I hope my body can keep it together. I really have to give thanks for the conditioning that my dear girl is helping me with if not I would have broken down long ago. Dance sessions have been much of a pleasure so far and it’s great to see my juniors wear that smile of theirs that has been kept away for quite a while.

Life is good and I am finally learning to really appreciate all the gains and losses in life and all the lessons we learn along the way. I now indeed understand the term "part and parcel of life" and embrace the fact that some things/experiences are essential and unavoidable for our growth. There will always be a balance in all that we do.

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I'll be using the Jordan Flight 9 from 8th June 2010 onwards as my main basketball shoe as all 3 pairs of my Kobe IV have fully served their duty of providing me that traction and maneuverability on the court. Thank You!

I'll do a review on the Jordan Flight 9 after wearing it for play tomorrow and update it on my blog asap so that you ballers will know how it fairs. Anyway in regards to doing shoe review, I'm hoping that the Jordan Retro VI (White/Red) will be in soon as I can't wait to rock those on the court too.

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Last but not least, CELTICS will win the NBA Finals!! Just look at the Shooting Display that Ray Allen put up in Game 2 hours ago and the triple-double that Rondo got yet again. Go Celtics Go!!

God Bless peeps~

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