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Saturday, May 15, 2010 9:40 AM

As LeBron exits with 1 turnover short of a quad' for personal stats. There too starts the bickering of the media of how badly he performed and not live up to his title of being 'King James'. However, most importantly he disappointed the world by not delivering the long-awaited and much speculated hype of the LeBron vs Kobe 'rivalry'.

He had a team that definately could help him get to the finals and being LBJ means you are suppose to be able to perform at 100% even with an injury because being LeBron James means when you are healthy, you play at 120% all the time. This is the kind of mindset that we LBJ fans of his have and even the media. We fans stood by him, argued in forums about him being a better player then Kobe and feels that he is indeed ready to fulfill his destiny and be placed along side the greatest player of all time Michael Jordan. Sadly, LeBron choses to be a No Show in Game 5 against one of my favourite teams, the Boston Celtics.

With all the shit that the media is posting about LeBron, I shall not elaborate further but to point out one main difference of why Kobe has surpassed LeBron in this playoffs; it's Hunger. Michael Jordan never enjoyed losing and even when he shot at a low percentage he finds different ways to contribute. Kobe is the same. He knows when to step up his game and up the ante when it matters. These two guys are Hungry to be champions; that elusive Ring that affirms that the MVP is indeed worthy to be the Best in the league.

What LeBron has shown is that he is just human and I do not blame him at that. I too am still a strong believer and Witness of his greatness yet to come. He in a new team may become true playoff contenders after another few years and he may finally become that NBA champion that everyone knows he can be but it won't be because he earned it but because Kobe retired. But then again, that may not happen as Durant and Rose would be mature Superstars by then.

This was LeBron's season but he chose to be mortal and let slip his chance to show the world why he is indeed King James.

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