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Tuesday, March 02, 2010 3:07 PM

Why do I still think about my ex when I’m already seeing someone new? Have you peeps ever been in the same situation?

Seriously, I sincerely believe that that when two person breaks up, be it who voiced for it or mutual, it is done so for a 'good' reason and there’s no point in looking back. It’s normal to miss the old relationship, even if you feel and think that you are both better out of the relationship than in it.

However, the understanding between two people is something special that only you both will know, which can never be described to anyone else. Hopefully, this will form with your new partner over time. Focus on building this new bond then brood over the old.

Should you be hit by a sudden poignant memory, call your new partner to ask what he/she’s thinking at that moment and listen to what she has to say. If you enjoyed a good afternoon swim with your ex, find a new ritual with your new squeeze. The idea is not to replicate your relationship, but to explore who you can be in this new one.

So let's all stop crying about what may have been and look towards the future. God Bless peeps.

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