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Monday, March 08, 2010 10:36 AM

I still have yet to post about Jordan XII & Jordan 2010. Sorry about that peeps, but its coming right up this week.

2nd March 2010, I played basketball with the guys from Nike. The game was organised as the people from the S.E.A. office was in town and as the Nike tradition goes, its time for some competitive fun.

I really looked forward to it though it was held at the Canadian International School at 5 Toh Tuck Road which is a location that was really out of the way for me. It was great to see the guys whom I didn't get to talk to for quite a long while especially my main man in Nike, Sacha.

The game started not long after I arrived. We were all still smiling and joking earlier on but as the intensity of the game increased, all of us got serious. We brought the game to another level as we quicken the pace of the offense with our 'running and gunning'. This not only tired our opponents but frustrated them as with every missed shot would translate to our fast break points.

The frustration finally got the better of them and I was elbowed in the face which lead to a deep cut to the lower lips and a bruise. There was plenty of blood from the wound and I was in plenty of pain. Nevertheless, this didn't stop me at all and instead made me more focused in my game. We ended up winning and even had a spectacular Alley-hoop finish courtesy of Juriz and me.

All in all, it was great and I had plenty of fun. My only disappointment was that I was unable to satisfy the peeps supporting me and wanting me to dunk the ball; I really do not jump as high as I use to.

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The rest of the week was more or less the same except that I told myself to slow down for the weekend and not to pack so much activities and tire myself out. I really need to rest more!!

That was exactly what I did and as I spent the weekend with basketball in the morning and a little window shopping in the afternoon after which I chilled over a tea session with my friends and did some reading.

I'm feeling great and 'refreshed' and am all ready to go for this week. Hopefully you peeps had a rejuvenating weekend like I did. Take care and God Bless people!

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The deep cut on the lip.

Blood Galore~

More blood spat out.

Get your Game on.

The Nike Guys.

The duo that had the best play of the game; Alley-Hoop


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