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Monday, March 22, 2010 1:34 PM


The Luxurious Packaging of the Shoes as expected of a pair of Jordans

Top view.

Side view.

Front view.

How the soles of the shoes are like.

The Heel of the shoe.

The see through 'window' that makes this shoe different.

JORDAN spelled on the shoe.


This is the much awaited review of the Air Jordan 2010 which I finally wore and played on the hard concrete floor of Singapore.

I do like the aesthetics of the Air Jordan 2010. I believe that there will be haters out there but I personally like the futuristic look of the shoe with a tinge of class due to its simple lines. Of course, the other reason would be the TPU window that represents Jordan's ability to see through his opponents while selectively revealing portions of his own game. Moreover, I've always been a sucker of the white-red-black colour ways. This shoe will definitely be easy to match with most clothes.

Now more on the technical stuff. This is the main reason why I've always been an avid fan of Jordans. Its more than just the Brand. Its more than just the name. It is the wonderful chemistry of both style and technology that sets these kicks aside from its fellow competitors.

The thing I love most about this pair of shoes when I wore them on the court was the Independent Forefoot Cover. It not only increases strength and support but yet at the same time, flexes easily for a smooth and natural transition movement. This was put to a good test as I did plenty of cuts into the lanes and penetrate into the opponents defense when I wore the shoe. The Independent Forefoot Cover allowed me to stop and change directions in COMFORT. Wootz~

The Air Jordan 2010 felt low to the ground too thanks to a Bottom Loaded Zoom Air Unit; a design borrowed from low profile running shoe cushioning for better court feel and superior agility. This innovation has been done previously in running shoes but this is a first for basketball shoes. Adding on to the impact protection and distribution of the shoe is the Stacked Heel Zoom Air Units found in various Nike and Jordan Basketball shoes.

I am a big fan of this feature for it overs both comfort and performance. This combination of how the Zoom Air Units are designed to function together made my runs and sprints on the court feel pleasant. I too didn't have much problems of bringing the ball down the court as soon as I got a defensive rebound; the stacked Zoom Air Units ensured that I landed in comfort and allowed me to transit the energy to a fast-break with ease.

The Air Jordan 2010 also is quite a breathable shoe and though I was running non-stop for 2 hours plus in the humid weather, the shoe didn't feel overheated nor any sense of discomfort arising from it. This could be thanks to the Mesh Forefoot Underlay beneath the Air Jordan 2010's Independent Forefoot Cover.

Another feature that makes the Air Jordan 2010 stand out from the rest was its asymmetrical collar; it sits higher on the outside and lower on the inside for better ankle support while also allowing the athlete to have a more natural fit for comfort. Meanwhile, the outriggers at the forefoot are strategically placed to provide extra support in areas of lateral instability in order to reduce the risk of ankle injury. This is one of the features I really loved about the shoe as I felt stable in the shoes. As usual, Jordans are the shoes that allows me to maneuver well in due to its great design in terms of stability and protection.

However with all the love I have for the shoe, it is of great shame that the outsole of the Air Jordan 2010 is a disappointed. As I ball most of the time on a concrete floor aka outdoor, the thinner outsole though resulting in an incredible responsive ride doesn't provide a good enough traction. It did work well for the first hour but as the game went on for another 45mins, I could feel that my shoes were not gripping that well. The dirt and dust of an outdoor court makes this shoe feel 'insecure' at times. I had to keep on 'cleaning' the outsoles with my hands throughout the later part of the games to ensure I had good traction.

Conclusion, the Air Jordan 2010 is definitely the shoe to have should you have that extra money to spend. I personally feel that it is worth every cent of mine as it feels luxurious and comfortable to wear be it on and off the court. The Zoom Air Units and the asymmetrical collar of the shoe makes the shoe a very stable and protected ride while the Independent Forefoot Cover will allow you to maneuver with ease. The shoe is considered light and low for how it is built and I didn't felt that it was weighing me down even at the later part of my game. The only downside is its outsole which I believe is only suitable for indoor courts and not the concrete floors of the outdoors as it didn't grip as well as expected.

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