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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 10:43 AM

Reunion Dinner at Restaurant at Peoples Park Complex

Interior Decor' 01

Interior Decor' 02

Interior Decor' 03

Jae & I playing games on our phone while we wait.

Jae concentrating on his game on his BB Bold.

Not sure what Donny was doing.

Trixy and my Sis are definately bored.

On our way back home.


This year, Jae was invited to join us as he was staying in Singapore during this Chinese New Year period. The other difference is that we ate out and much earlier than the previous years all thanks to our work schedule. Overall, it was a simple and boring dinner but definitely has the feel and warmth of a family. Concluding the Reunion Dinner for C.N.Y. 2010; it is a dinner that will keep us 'zai zai' for the TIGER Year.

Advance HAPPY Chinese New Year peeps. 大财大运. HUAT AH!!
(Just in case I dun get to blog on the following days)


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