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Friday, February 26, 2010 10:40 AM

Last post was about the reunion dinner two weeks ago. So what could I possibly have done since my last post to get my life 'spiced up'.

You will be amazed if I told you however as the saying goes, "some things are better left unsaid." Hopefully, the 'indecent act' which I have done could be overlooked due to my unstable mental and emotional conditions as of late. Yes, you may even say that I am losing a grip on myself... It could be due to stress from all avenues but I seriously have no idea why this is happening.


The Chinese New Year (CNY) period was boring since I didn't do any visiting as usual. The only difference was the constant 'clubbing'. XM, OZ, Jae, Mio, Merlion and I headed over to Helipad on CNY eve and chilled over some drinks. It was kinda melancholic as most of us were submersed in our own thoughts and feelings over the things that happened in the year of the Ox. We seriously hope that things could only be better during this year of the Tiger even though it doesn't seem so according to the 'readings'. You can't blame us for being superstitious as we are chinese and this is our culture. Moreover, it has always been pretty true.

On the second day of the lunar new year, we had planned for a moviethon at OZ's place and spend some quality time together and ending with a simple dinner. However due to some unforseen circumstances on XM's side, the whole plan was scrapped much to the dismay of the rest of us. Therefore Gerry, Trix and I hung out together that day in town while OZ and Steve went to meet up with Selphie.

On the second day of the lunar new year, XM, Trix, Merlion and I went over to Freddie's place intending to play some CNY basketball but as LC, Joey and Marcus arrived real late, XM, Trix and I ended up not playing as we had to leave at 6pm. XM was heading over to Dickson's place while I had to get home to rest as I was not feeling really well.


Things are pretty good on the whole actually and I have been able to share my time well with the people that needs my attention and time. I'm so glad that I even get to have a heart to heart talk to a friend very dear to me. It has really been a while and I can only wish and pray for this friend of mine to find true happiness.

As for my basketball endeavours, I really enjoy playing in the Jordan XII (Flu Game). Although it is a re-retro, it fits as comfortably and locks down my feet just like the pair I used to have more than a decade ago. I still prefer Jordan's though the Kobe IV's are really light and good to maneuver in. In some weird way, my current pair of Kobe IV (Black/Red-White) doesn't fit as well as my Kobe IV Carpe Diem edition. It is the same size but it is tighter and has caused my toes to hurt and even bleed.

Guess that's all for now. Will do a proper review of the Jordan XII (Flu Game) and the Jordan 2010 soon. Take Care and God Bless Peeps~


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