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Thursday, January 21, 2010 10:37 AM

First post of 2010 aka review of 2009.

2009 is finally over... It was a memorable year of which I attended more blogger events (all thanks to Trix and 24seven), got myself a real cool job (thanks to the intro of Jae) and plenty of disappointments.

2009 started with brought over negativity from 2008 all thanks to Jae who just had to go screw around and cause so much emotional hurt and pain to the people who care for his relationship with Jess. It was a relationship of about 3 years (late 2005 till early 2009) filled with enough drama that it could be made into a drama serial. There was already so much 'un-pleasantries' between the both of them during 2008 that we brothers had actually advised them to end the relationship and not drag on since both of them were hurting. Be that as it may, Jess's love for him was so overwhelming that she couldn't let him go while Jae was just keeping too many things to himself about their relationship.

What ended this toil of love and deceit was a sms that shocked us all... This very sms was the end of the whole Jess saga and the start of a new one. We brothers were not amused and definitely peeved by Jae's action. He tried to explain himself and we heard but we couldn't forgive him. We brothers ignored him totally till mid 2009 before I finally spoke to him again and had him understand the consequences of his action and its effect on us all. We brothers had our stand to take and am proud of it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

During this period, I was still happily working at Nike except for the constant same old complains we have over the management. The peeps over at Nike all take pride in the Wisma Flagship Store and we always want to do our best for it however passion and love fades fast when things are not done and all that is left are the angst and frustration of everyone.

I blogged about this unhappiness on 10 February 2009 but was asked to remove it by the Country Director of Nike due to the complications involved and that it was defaming the Brand.

In any case, I always enjoyed my work and the people I meet. Being part of a team of Nike and/or Sports enthusiast is so special that it can't be bought with money. The training which we received on the first day of work (14 October 2008) has empowered me to know and understand that miracles do happen."We just need the right tools and the right people and all the hard work and motivation." Sadly, due to various reasons I left Nike on 24 June 2009. I may have left the company but the friends I made there are to last and are dear to me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was yet again the Event Coordinator for Cosplay Arts Festival (C.A.F.) and after a painstaking and grueling 3 months of frustration and loads of issues working with the 2009 S.J.C.C. committee. My committee was always complaining about how badly they work and how much they lack initiative and I agree totally. Moreover, they do not really work as a team and are some what on loggerheads with one another.

Nevertheless, the event came through thanks to the hard work and commitment of my committee and their patience in mentoring the 2009 S.J.C.C. committee. My decision of leaving everything to them and thus forcing them to work together was indeed correct as it made them grow.

My trip back to Hong Kong (17 July 2009 till 28 July 2009) was a rewarding one as I managed to clear my head on a lot of things and even got to spend time with some of my close friends. I really thank God for this trip in 2009 for it rejuvenated me in all aspects.

Heading down to the event after landing in Singapore on the 28 July 2009 was a mad rush. To make matters worst, I had to do last minute adjustments prior to the show as there were still so many little things that were left unsettled here and there. It was indeed a tiring event on the whole.

Whatever negativity it is on the back-end of this event, I am just glad that the cosplayers who took part managed to shine and bask in their moment as the audience gave their utmost support. Not-forgetting the happy invited photographers who snapped away and produced some excellent photographs for this event.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As with every year, Adorhythmatics was invited to perform for Natsu Matsuri held by J.A.S. annually. Practices began slightly later this year but we still did manage to pull it off in the end.

2009 was special to Adorhythmatics as it finally broke free from the chains of Ota Sensei and NYP S.J.C.C. and is officially an independent performance body. This was all possible thanks to the support of Mr Simon of People's Association and my junior Yvonne who helped me to correspond and P.R. with him and J.A.S. This has thrilled many of us and made us feel proud of what we had achieved over the years; it is recognition of our hard work.

Sadly, after Natsu Matsuri 2009, many of the dance members says that they are not able to commit themselves to their passion and would only love to perform for Natsu Matsuri. I couldn’t believe that after all that 'fight' to gain independence, the members just threw it down the drain as if it did not matter. I do identify with the fact that we have more important things to achieve in our lives but isn't passion one of it?

There were so many opportunities out there for Adorhythmatics with its independence but it didn't matter anymore since there aren’t enough committed members for it to go on. It is sad but it is the end of sorts for performance choreographing and dance for me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The worst thing that happened in my life in 2009 also happens to be the dumbest thing I did. This matter nearly caused me an important friendship which I hold dearly... It even jeopardized my friend’s job. I am really ashamed of my action though I only meant to play a cruel prank on someone who I didn’t even know and teach her a lesson for misplacing her things.

I shall not elaborate on it but it was an expensive lesson learnt for me and an experience that no money can buy. It too adds on to another reason why I am not a big fan of the iPhone though I own one now.

Keywords on this are :: iPhone 3G (29 July), 3000 (12 Oct), Paragon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As of 19 November, I realize that I am twittering and using Facebook to update my daily activities more then I blog. This in turn has upset some readers who emailed me their unhappiness especially my reviews on basketball shoes, my pick-up games and the gadgets which I change and acquire so often.

My current 2010 New Year Resolution is to make sure that I blog at least once a week after this post is posted onto the blog. I am really sorry to my readers for the inconsistency but I have really been busy with many things recently.

PS: I need Sponsors for the Basketball Shoes or Gadgets that I review.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The last quarter (late September onwards) of the year was filled with Events which I attended or am involved. I attended the F1 parties by both Ferrari and Red Bull and even got to see the race on the Singapore Flyer. Then there was the COACH Flagship Store opening event which I had done. Not forgetting our company and its Artistes were invited to attend QUEST's relaunch party.

To end the year with a Bang, My 'Brother' Daniel got married on 28 November to his Love, Pei Di since our Polytechnic days. My Dad's Mum passed away on 12 December which I did attend much to the surprise of my relatives since I have not shown my face for the longest time. I have sort of severed all ties with them since they were just a bunch of money-faced slaves. However there was a twist in fate as at the end of the funeral, my Uncled (3rd) 'tasked' me to rebuild the family ties at least within my generation... WTH!!!

On 20 December, my sister, San Jie got married but sadly I couldn't attend due to the passing away of my grandma. I was sincerely happy for her though I am so disgusted by her husband. Mio who we have finally learned to accept held her birthday celebration in Singapore on 26 December with a dinner at Hougang followed by KTV/Clubbing at Lunar. It was a helluva Party as Mio gave the Lunar Pole Dancers a run for their money and displayed some daring skills. I too got to know Mio better in person as she talked to me one to one and I am glad that she did.

Ending the Year was that heart to heart talk with Ezzat during New Year's Eve which we shared plenty of things. I was seriously worried for him and had shared with him what I would have done if I was in his shoes and what are the things he should consider before embarking upon anything new.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My favourite movie in 2009 has to be Dance Subaru which reminded me of what Dance is to me and the perseverance one must have to achieve their goal in life.

1) Love what you do.
2) Be Passionate about it.
3) Work Hard especially at the Fundamentals.
4) Interpret the right understanding.
5) Express the end product as its supposed to be.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My favourite song in 2009 is Show 羅志祥's 撑腰. It totally expresses the way I feel about the people who have been with me throughout my life journey and is still there with me through thick and thin. Moreover, it is a catchy song with a fun choreography which doesn't take long to learn.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My favourite Basketball shoe in 2009 has gotta be the Nike Kobe Zoom IV; The lightweight, the XDR base and that response time from the cushioning of the zoom air and lunar foam makes this the most awesome shoe to wear on the court. Not only that but it looks good with Tee and berms too. (I have 3 pairs of it!!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My favourite phone in 2009 is the Nokia N97 mini due to its powerful ability to handle emails be it both corporate or personal and its looks especially in comparison with its elder brother the N97 though there were only minor changes in terms of size and the at the back. Topping it off will be the ease of use and the support of the OVI store which kept me contented enough but was still miles away from reaching what Apple Apps Store has to offer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is a brief summary of the year 2009 and its happenings. Hope you peeps enjoyed reading it as much as I had tried my best to recall everything and put it in words.

God Bless people.

Look forward to my next post tomorrow about the Motorola DEXT which I got a chance to play with thanks to the invite to its event yesterday. It is a phone packed with accessibility to all social applications and running on android for that ease of use and fun.


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