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Monday, December 07, 2009 5:55 PM

Damm, it sure has taken me quite some time to finally decide to blog again. So here I am sitting infront of my laptop trying to post a proper entry. I have to sincerely thank Twitter and Facebook for making my blog seem so redundant and a hassle to update. With their easy access over the mobile nowadays, it is so easy to 'tell' the world what you are feeling or doing or etc anytime, anywhere.

So what have I been up to during this whole month? There was the Quest Re-launch Party, my 'brother' Daniel's Wedding and the typical nonsense that the F4 family gets into.

I attended the Quest Re-launch Party with some of our Artistes and both my Bosses. The function wasn't exactly too bad and I did enjoy myself on the whole however I still had some things to complain. Firstly, the function started later then scheduled thanks to the lateness of the invited guests. Next is that Infusion@Dempsey thou cosy is too small a place to house eighty plus people. Lastly, their models 'walked' badly and was definately not up to standards.

Daniel's Wedding was a blast. It was pretty much easy for the 'brothers' to complete the 'sisters' very boring tasks. When I saw what they had in-store for us, I couldn't help but feel disgusted at how 'unprepared' and uncreative they are. The worst being that there was no devilish grace nor feminine manipulation of the raging male hormones. Instead, it was all given out as commands and we were told to just do it and when we were able to logically talk ourselves out of it, they had no other alternative and had to sulk at how unsporting we were.

Ezzat and I hosted the wedding dinner much to the anticipation of the the F4 family. They were looking forward to hearing me host in mandarin. I sure didn't let them down as they were so amused by how 'word by word' I read my script. Nevertheless, Zat and I were able to get the guests all involved and respond to our questions and requests. Most importantly, we too managed to get majority of the guests 'high'.

All in all, I was one happy man for my brother. I've seen this lovely couple through so much that when they took their oath, I nearly teared. I felt exultant that both my brothers have tied the knot with someone whom understands and love them for who they are.

F4 nonsense in short are the typical hang-outs; Pool, Movies, Dinner, Coffee-sessions, KTV, etc. But of recent, I added a guys night to happen every fortnightly. This will give the guys some space from their spouses and have some time to talk rot and complain about our lives to each other. Currently, I'm trying to get the girls to do the same. It sure builds rapport and helps to strengthen the bond with one another.

Thats all for now. God Bless People.

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