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Monday, October 05, 2009 9:56 AM

Samsung SCH-W880 AMOLED 12M

This has to be the coolest phone this year other than the Nokia N97. I'm a person which loves the Symbian OS and the Qwerty however the camera function is always important since I do take plenty of pictures and videos for mere inspiration or for gatherings with my pals.

Therefore, this phone is sick; 12 mega pixels with mode dial, 3x optical zoom, autofocus, xenon flash, LED flash, variable apperture, tracking touch autofocus, face, smile and blink detection, Smart Auto mode, image stabilization, Beauty Shot and videos at 720p@30fps.

Currently the downside of it is its size of 115.8 x 56.9 x 16.3 mm which would definitely bulk up anyone's pocket. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the European version (Samsung M8920) which rumors to have wi-fi and gps included.

Hopefully, we'll get this phone in the asia region as I'm so looking forward to having it.


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