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Saturday, October 24, 2009 8:17 PM
Lost at Top 16 again
We lost again as we tried to advance to be the top 8 teams representing our constituency... I seriously dislike the Delta Sports Complex court as its slippery and the rim is at a weird height making it tough for me to score.

However the reason we lost was due to lack-luster defense from some of our guys and the dumb emotional plays when provoked by our unruly opponents.

Buona Vista CSC is an ah beng team which has no guilt and shame and is all out to injure us. Their elbows swung wildly and they push and shoved whenever we jumped making sure we fall. They played dirty and its such a waste since they have such good 3-point range from their starters. I was 'tripped' a couple of times when I went for the rebound and they just squatted down and moved in an alternate force from mine to topple me.

Well, sadly some of our guys played into their provocative ways and tried to do the same. However at the crucial moments of the game with 2 minutes and 17 seconds on the clock, our player elbowed their player while he was attempting a 3-pointer and was called for a foul.

He made all 3 free-throws which took Buona Vista CSC 2 points ahead. They never looked back as our defense and even offense crrumbled after that. Lady luck was not smiling on us anymore and the tide has changed. Every shot we took missed and even the referee's call was to their advantage. The game ended and we lost bad; 8 points difference

I have no regrets since I did my job well and defended my man till he was desperate and needed a screen to get me off his back. I rebounded well and did my best to draw the defense away from my team's scorers. I've done my part.

I was surprised to see Ken after the game. He watched the game and was bewildered why my teammates are not using me the way my Cousin and he would. All I can say is that they play too slow and they do not trust my scoring abilities.

Let's see where this team can go next year... God Bless & Take care peeps.

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