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Tuesday, October 06, 2009 11:26 AM

I finally told myself that I had to do something about the home theater system in my living room. The SCV Cable has stopped working. The LD player seems to be defunct and I seriously need to watch my DVDs with surround sound and all.

ALl thanks to the dumbass tech guy from Carrefour who came and anyhow wired the then New LCD TV(HD ready). He just made sure that the TV programs were showing and dis-connected much of the complicated wiring that were connected to the rest of the equipment. As I was pissed with my Mum for not waiting for me to be back home to install the TV and created such a 'mess' thanks to her impatience, I decided to let it be.

Therefore almost a year has passed and if it wasn't because the SCV Cable is not working, I would not have put myself through that 3 hours of work to remove the drawers and crawl and stretch to unearth the hidden wires and to redo the whole wiring of the equipments.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I did now since my Mum and Sis really needs to watch their SCV programmes while its great to watch my DVDs and play the PS3 with realistic soundstage reproduction; I sure missed the enthralling surround sound movie experience.

God Bless and Take Care peeps.

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