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Sunday, September 27, 2009 6:30 PM

A short photo-log of my happenings this week since I started working as an Artiste and Events Manager. Loving my job.~

The Great view I get to see from my Office area...

which includes the Singapore Flyer.


Trix & I went for the Paranormal Tour during the Lunar seventh month.


The Tom n Tom pre-launch Event.

The Korean Artistes gracing the Tom n Tom Event.


Wavehouse Sentosa

Audi R8 GT (Red Bull Edition)

Getting myself high on Red Bull mixed with Vodka.

Utt and I catching up a little after my days in NIKE.

Posing with Friends at the Party.


Trix & I at the F1 FERRARI Event.

How can I resist such a pretty Race Queen.

The DJ was definately pumping it up on this Event. Loved the music.

The Ferrari owners strutting off their cars.

One of the event sponsors.


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