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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 5:14 PM
What would you do when you see someone beautiful catch your eyes looking at him/her?

What if that person continued to look at you even after you looked away as if wanting to know you more and wanting you to take that initiative?

What would you do when you looked back and have both your eyes locked upon one another and spoke without words?

Would you have followed when he/she is about to exit at the station and asked to know him/her?

- - - - - - - - - -

I felt so naked and helpless as if she peered right into the deepest darkest part of my soul when she looked into my eyes... I was shy and I looked away but I too wanted to know her...

Her blue eyes gleamed with an unknow sense of lonliness and sorrow. As our eyes 'spoke' we felt a form of unexplainable understanding and chemistry. I knew we needed and wanted to verbally speak to one another.

Then as she was about to exit at Somerset mrt, her eyes pleaded for me to follow and start a conversation but all I did was to stand there in the train and watch her go till the train doors closed. We didn't take our eyes off each other till the very last moment...

I would have loved so much to really know her or even at least her name... Nevertheless the main reason why I didn't do so is because I do have a pretty lady back home who loves me dearly.

It's always good to know I'm still a charmer now and then... Hahaha! Anyway, can't wait to see my baby this Friday.


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