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Thursday, July 02, 2009 11:09 AM

"Things are actually simple. People like to complicate things that's all." This is a phrase which I will always use and teach upon others in terms of management skills. However, this does not exactly work well in 'Public Relations' as sometimes these complications are the very trust and relationship that has been built over time.

How often can you ignore the people around you that cares and trust in you and just do whatever you want without giving it a second thought? I'm not someone that cares about what others have to say or even feel unless they are within this world of mine. I understand my role in being the chosen Leader and the respect I have gained over all these years. This may not be my very choice but I embrace it knowing that people around me need me.

Indeed, on my shoulders are the dreams and expectations of many and even till today I must apologize that I'm still not as great a Leader as expected of me. I have not given enough attention to many others and have not been able to be there for all but I do wish I could.

Well this is when the phrase, "Things are never as simple as it seems. Complications are everywhere." starts to contradict the very phrase I follow by. However, things will only become simple once we identify what are the complications and if we should deal with it or is it redundant. Therefore, they are interconnected in irony and truth.

With all these said, I just wanna be selfish and say that I do not wish to be Danny for a day or even a week. To be free of complications and burden and not watch what I do in fear of setting the wrong example. I'm just so tired of being so stressed out by misc' stuff which in actual fact is not my fucking problem / business!

Yet again... I am Danny and I enjoy challenges and all sorts of stress... I am the pillar of many things and am proud of it. It will indeed be great if I could take a break but Danny will be Danny and this is what makes me great as a person, as an individual.

God Bless and Take Care peeps.

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