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Thursday, July 30, 2009 11:45 AM
Crime of a Moron
Yesterday was the worst day of my life. I jeopardized her job and humiliated one of my dearest friend in front of her colleagues because I had 'stolen' her colleague's Iphone.

The truth is that the Iphone was 'kept' openly in an open box infront of the counter and was screaming, "I'm being left around." When I noticed it, I couldn't help but wanted to take it and throw it away to teach the owner a lesson.

An expensive lesson indeed... The police was called in later and the typical questioning and investigations took place. The police did not believe that I had not kept or sold the Iphone and 'forcefully' tried to ask me to admit to my crime of greed.

However the truth being what it is, they finally went down to the area which I told them I had dumped the Iphone hours later and thankfully they rushed back to the police station where I was held to question me about the area again. They finally allowed me to go help assist them but sort of threaten me that if I have been trying to give false information, my crime would be worst and they may not hesitate to inflict physical pain on me.

The Iphone was retrieved and after my statement was taken by my Ivestigating-Officer and having amused the whole police station with my act, I was allowed bail. Before my IO went off he said to me, "leave the teaching of losing property to God and not be a busybody and assist it."

Indeed... I was over my head... It has been a traumatic experience going through all the procedures in the station and being treated like a crook... however what actually feared me the most is the damage done on my dear dear friend... I do not think I will ever be forgiven...

God Bless and have a good day peeps.

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