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Tuesday, July 28, 2009 2:19 PM
Brief update
I've been busy as soon as I got off the plane at Changi Airport; answering to my messages and emails at the very point I turned on my phone with my Starhub SIM-card in it.

Headed back home in a cab and played with King Kolvis who has been missing me so much before taking a quick shower and rushing down to NYP for CAF 2009.

The event turned out alright but I was defnately not pleased with many things. Nevertheless, the event was a success and I applaud those who had put in effort for it.

There is still much to be done as we're gonna have a CAF Celebration and not forgetting that Natsu Matsuri 2009 is but less than a month away.

Will sit down and edit my Hong Kong Trip pics as soon as I have the time and post up the travel log as promised. Take Care & God Bless peeps.


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