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Tuesday, July 07, 2009 12:18 PM


覺得自己真的很沒用。日文一直沒學好,畫圖也越来越沒能让自己喜歡,工作又找不到,想達成的目標高不可及... 靠~!

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Anizo version 15. Figure 2 駄目人間 (DAMENINGEN)

Thought it meant something great when I got it and was feeling a little proud about it however it turned out to be the exact opposite of what I thought it meant; Useless Human.

Its quite true to a certain extend as I do feel a little of that deep inside... Nevertheless, I'm gonna take this as just a reminder to work even harder and strive more to achieve the things I want. I've just stumbled along the way and its not gonna get me down. Been over too many obstacles to be labeled useless as of now since I've just accomplished many other things as of the last few months.

Whatever it is, my inner circle of friends are getting into the Anizo craze. Its like a fortune telling crap nonsense which we enjoy. Hahahaha~ Maybe you too would like to give it a try when you come across it and see if it reflects on how you feel or about you at that point of time.

God Bless and Good Day.

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