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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 7:57 PM

Its good to blog on a proper keyboard, the keys are so much more finger friendly. Nevertheless, I do love my Nokia E63 which has enabled me so much freedom in this wifi free Singapore.


First big news that all my readers should know is that I am not working for NIKE anymore thus you peeps need not drop by Wisma to look for me to serve you personally. However I will still be posting up my reviews on the kicks which I get as per usual before I even joined the company.

It is with a heavy heart that I resigned from NIKE but I just felt everything was a stand-still and things were progressing a little too slow. Moreover, there were pertaining issues even before our current manager took over which has yet to be resolved. All in all, there was some unhappiness around and I feel that it is best for both the Company and myself. Nevertheless, I hope to be back with NIKE in the future and offer them more than what I could give at this point of time.

"It has been a helluva ride since I joined and I've learnt so much from so many different people. I've been much pampered and I really appreciate everyone who I've come in contact. THANK YOU!!"

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a great shoe and I thought I got a steal as I paid SGD 100 from a reliable seller on Ebay. However I just found out that I got ripped as the product code found inside the shoes are 36046-061 and when I searched on Google, gave me results to the Air Jordan 11 Retro, colorway: black/varsity red-white, year of release: 2001. Dammit! He claimed that they were authentic but they were not.

Feel so bad for wearing it to NIKE office that day and no one even said anything. Now I understand why it feels so loose compared to the Portland colorway which I have. I hate fakes... most probably gonna trash them in the court to feel the difference between an authentic and a fake.

PS :: My friend's Lebron VI has just fallen apart after 3 months as in the right sole came off... He was really disappointed with the make of the shoe as I had highly recommended the shoe to him in terms of the construction and the fit. Hopefully it didn't affect his trust in the NIKE Brand.

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