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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 9:10 PM

Hi Peeps. I'm currently pretty sick and am on loads of medicine. The doctor said I have some sorta bacteria infection so I gotta take extra care of myself. Thank God I'm on off for the next 2 days too and hopefully, I'll be fully recovered by then.

I have actually drafted another blog post but it isn't totally ready as I have yet fully arranged the pictures of my recent buys and gifts from friends. Moreover, there is so much more which I wanna blog on since I haven't done a proper post for quite a long while. As a promise to my loyal readers, I'll try to finish up this 'post' and have it up on my blog within these few days.

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Ending off... Damm the Orlando Magic for beating the Cleaveland Cavs. I sure hope Kobe and the rest will wipe them out. I so wanted to see Kobe up against Lebron.

God Bless.

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