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Thursday, May 21, 2009 12:24 AM

Details to previous post minus the photos.

" Apologies yet again as I was busy with some last minute stuff which I have to attend to today nevertheless, I wanna make sure that I posted to keep all my readers informed about my recent stuff. I will post pictures asap as I really wanna show you some cool new kicks I got, my NIKE SB bag and etc. Sorry peeps! =[ "


My work has been pretty stable I must say and I do enjoy stepping up a little more and taking on more responsibilities and challenges. With Pete taking over as Store Manager, I do see much more improvements to the shop in terms of communication with our back-end office and human relations.

He listens to us more and is making sure that we are heard which in turns means our consumers are heard. Not only that but he stands firm on his rules and is flexible enough to bend it at times needed. Last but not least, he listens to all of us and shares with us as of how the operations are thus ensuring we understand each other. All of this adds up to a happy crew of workers who now has a store that is really adequate enough to provide to consumer needs.(Thumbs up to that!)

2) Basketball

Canberra CSC is gonna take part in the Zone Competition again this year and have started to call its players for practices. However, I haven't been training with them and instead have been training with my cousins at Henderson with my old batch of teammates. Reason being that it is more organized and that the players are playing on a much more higher level than that at Sembawang. Not only that but I am able to play that fast-paced basketball game which I am used to and am playing more of the role of a SF / PF that drives the lane and crumbles the defense than all that post-up nonsense I am asked to do at Sembawang.

I too have been making sure that I take my Sunday games at Cairnhill CC more seriously so as to grasp my feel of the game better not to mention to be more used of the physicality of the game; the guys at Cairnhill play hard and am not shy of using their body for both the offense and defense.

3) CAF 2009 (Event Coordinator)

The second year running since its much acclaimed success in NYP last year. This year, I'm being tasked again to be the Event Coordinator and am working with a new bunch of Committee Members aka 16th Batch from SJCC. Thankfully I have the full support of the 15th Batch Committee Members aka CAF Comm' thus making sure that I am not as stressed as I was last year, or at least I thought.

As of today, there has been 6 meetings with them and the 16th Batch has yet to prove its worth and has been more of a burden than of help in any way. I do agree that they are inexperienced but that doesn't mean that this could be used as an excuse to slack or answer whenever they fail in their task. This upsets the CAF Comm' who entrust them to do their job and when the 16th Batch is being questioned, they feel as if they are being pin-pointed and/or that the CAF Comm' is probing too much. Not only that but all these sums up to much unhealthy tension which causes unnecessary friction between the 16th Batch and the CAF Comm'.

Nevertheless, I still choose to believe in them and from the last meeting we had just hours ago. I do hope we finally understood each other much much better and that the 16th Batch realize what exactly is going on; be it in terms of their respective roles and also their part in CAF 2009. Moreover with the meeting today the CAF Comm' now knows the limit as to how far we can stretch out to help and guide them. Last of all, Sensei knows the answers to some of the questions that has been puzzling him.

4) Natsu 2009 (Dance Instructor / Dancer)

A remix of four languages of songs with plenty of tempo and beat: KOREAN, ENGLISH, JAPANESE, MANDARIN. From an Instructor's point of view, so far practices are quite smooth and progress is not too bad. The only thing that worries me is that the senior batch definitely needs to shed off some serious rust while the youngest batch of dancers to join has plenty of catching up to do.

5) Spending time with my 'Family'

Since I've been so busy, I haven't had a proper day out with the F4 family and gang. I have just been meeting up with certain individuals from this dear circle of mine due to my 'random' work schedule. Nevertheless, I'm glad that I am still able to catch up alot with them and that they too make an effort to meet up whenever I ask. Hopefully we'll have a full family gathering soon.

Ending Off, God Bless and Good Night.

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