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Monday, April 13, 2009 5:06 PM


Trix's Nike WMNS Skinny Dunk (Butterflies).

Trix as RotaDash.

Free Vegetarian Food at the Temple.

The bustling Orchard Crowd.

What I see at Work.

A couple of pics to fill this blog that is usually updated by mere words. As promised, I've added pics of my Jordan CP3.II and hopefully for you shoe lovers out there, you guys will appreciate the many details found on this pair of kicks and the story behind it.

These shoes have comes with a story... Chris Paul’s grandfather, Nathanial Jones, was murdered in his driveway in front of his own home during an attempted robbery. Chris Paul while still suffering the loss a few days later came back to score 61 points, one point for every year of his grandfather's life in his High School game. The number 61 can be found on the back of these shoes.

Paul has always stressed the role that his faith, family and friends have played in his success. To honor this, the Jordan CP3.II incorporates several elements of Paul’s personal life including: graphics represent the community of New Orleans and the Mardi Gras tradition, heel graphic features details of CP’s life such as his birthday, brother CJ’s initials and the name of Wake Forest coach, the late Skip Prosser, and outsole includes parents’ names and nods to CP’s faith.

The Jordan CP3.II draws inspiration from the sport of futsal. “Chris’ quickness is his most deadly weapon,” said designer Mayden. “When he has the ball in his hands, he is like a high-performance motorcycle among a group of slow-moving cars. We designed the CP3.II with that in mind and created a shoe that is versatile enough to withstand the rapid changes of pace, the break-neck speed and the pinpoint agility of Chris Paul’s style of basketball.”

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Thanks for all the concern. I've been resting much this whole week thus I have fully recovered and am recharged. Its quite sad that the window infront of the NikeID studio will be blocked and our great view of the Orchard Crowd will be gone.

The Summer collection for Nike has already come in and it is indeed a very vibrant and colorful collection. It sure has 'brighten' up the store with the various bright colors for both the tops or bottoms and even the windrunners and shoes.

I too went down to check out Sacha's store and I sure like the decor more than that of our store and how the things are laid out however it is not fair to compare since the Wisma store is a pinnacle store and its focus is on being 'Premium'. Anyway, I got myself a pair of soccer boots and some tees. =]

Watched both Too Fast Too Furious 4 and the Knowing too and I would say that both are nice in their own genre. The cars and babes in Too Fast Too Furious 4 ain't really something that will make you go 'wow' but the car stunts make up enough for it and it has a more decent storyline though still pretty stale.

Knowing is a typical 'End of the World Movie' with a twist. I will not reveal the twist here for it will become a spoiler. Watch it if you are looking for a little suspense and drama but do not expect too much.

Well I gotta go. God Bless and have a good week ahead.

Note :: The Vegetarian food is what I ate only on that day when I was very sick. Can't believe that such quantity is able to fill me moreover to think that I do not even wanna eat that day.


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