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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 9:46 AM

I've been missing from blogger for 2 whole weeks now. I'm so sorry for that my loyal readers but I just couldn't seem to find the time to blog.I have been really busy with the preparations of the upcoming events in the 2nd Quater of 2009. Indeed, the 'holiday' period is over and the start of having fully-packed days is here.

JMD 7th Anniversary is around the corner and this year, we're trying hard to make sure that the list of 80 plus people we have will be able to attend. I really appreciate and thank Trix and Joanna for taking on the responsibility of organising and planning of this event when I 'forcefully' appointed them to be the In-Charge. I too wanna applaud Gerry for volunteering to assist the both of them in getting the job done.

Anyway, sadly after much calling and invitation, only about 44 people are able to make it with a few others either dropping by or still unsure. It just goes to show how willing people are to attend an event which actually gives an opportunity to meet-up after such a long time. Not only that but there are even some Alumni who even complain about SGD 15 per pax is too expensive. All in all, it is dis-heartening to know how un-important this 'bond' in JMD means to certain individuals and it is with great regret that I should say this, "Bonds are built on trust, understanding and communication and if there is lack in anyone of these three traits, that bond will become as fragile as that of a thin piece of glass."

Nevertheless, I'm thankful to those who are coming and hopefully this Anniversary will be able to renew some bonds and even start new ones between the current batch and the Alumni. I really do wish to see that there will be a 10 years Anniversary invitation with many of us turning up and still as bonded as ever and the Division still going strong.

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I've been playing basketball at a much higher intensity then before ever since starting to play / train with my Cuz at Henderson on Thursday nights. Its not just another neighbourhood game as we set plays and play only to win. It has all the physical play that you would experience in any competition however all are controlled and on a friendly level. This really boost the level of play yet making sure that everyone is happy regardless of how bad some fouls may be.

Another reason what makes this Thursday game mean so much to me is that I finally get to play on the same court with both my Cuz, Wei Ming and Juno. Not only that, I'm glad that Juno has agreed to train our little Cuz up in his game. Big Smiles Man~

- - - - - - - - - -

Work-wise, there is a management change and so far I'm pretty ok with it and have seen much improvements in both the operation of the store and even on the shop floor. However, I'm not too happy with the new shift planning as it affects the flexibility of me being able to conduct my dance lessons, hold meetings in regards to up-coming events and my basketball training.

The very reason why I took on this job in the first place was that it allowed me to balance up my life with all the things I need to do. If this important criteria is not met as of what was discussed when I took on the job then it is with great regret that I may seriously have to consider tendering my resignation... Hopefully I will be able to discuss this further with Pete and see how things can be done as I really love to stay on with the Company.

Note :: Watch out for the New NIKEiD Tee colours and Trademark Logo Prints that will be arriving by Mid-May. So do drop by and check it out if you can. =]

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Last of all, Ardorythmatics have started to train for Natsu 2009 and currently from the looks of the last practice, it doesn't look promising. The 'Fun' factor is present however the commitment level and seriousness is not there moreover they haven't been dancing for too long a time thus they had bad body co-ordination. If we are really gonna present ourselves on stage, then everybody who wants to do it has to put in at least double effort if not we will only be clowns on stage and the jokes will be on us.

Good Day ahead and God Bless People!

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