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Wednesday, April 15, 2009 8:31 PM

I finally got the know-how of how to blog using my mobile. So here I am blogging with my Nokia E63. It's great to have wifi on your phone & even better that it is capable of executing web-based functions with ease.

Its another boring day & time is moving as slowly as that snail I saw the other day making its way across the pavement width of 100cm. Apparently, it was trying to get from one grass patch to the other though it seemed like forever. I could only wish that I have that same perserverance to get through today.

That aside, I've seen the Kobe IV (POP) & the Lebron VI (low). I really wouldn't mind owning both shoes since I love their colorway. The Kobe IV (POP) is of white base with yellow details & black as its secondary color & too for the swoosh. The Lebron VI (low) has a nice simple design and cut and best of all its all white. This kick will be a great alternative to the all white AF1s. I personally will just be picking up the Kobe IV (POP) since I'm kinda broke. Hahaha.

Ending off my first post using my Nokia E63 shall be that of how easy I'm falling sick these days. I'm not sure if its due to the weather or the working environment or both but I'm so sick of being sick every fortnightly or so.

Personal view of it is because of the dirt & dust generated from the constrction site of Ion Shopping Mall which I believe manages to get into the store especially NIKEiD Counter since its right beside. I think a air-purifier would be needed to help improve on the 'health' conditions of the staff.

Well, thats all folks. God Bless & Take Care.
Note :: Written at 3pm.


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