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Monday, March 16, 2009 3:15 PM


Trix asked me to join her for Y.E.S.93.3FM 大嘴巴[王元口力口] 音乐PARTY at Powerhouse. It was all in all an entertaining event except for some unpleasentries. Firstly was when we were told of that there was another queue for tickets from another source other than from St. James. We moved over from the main queue only to be told later to return to the main queue as what they meant was that they were giving out tickets to those who did not had tickets aka 'another source'. You can imagine how unhappy some of us were who were holding tickets from Singtel that had moved to this 'another source' queue. That girl who told us to move seriously need english language lessons.

The other being this dumb ass geeky looking worthless piece of trash that stinks of shit which thought he could punk his way around me. He was making his way through to his friends amid the people and I gave his a little push when he was near me as he nearly stepped on my Jordans. I had no idea why he needed to walk so near to me when there was more than ample space for him to move around. My only good guess was that he was trying to 'brush' his way around as there were a few girls to my left. "Low-life pervert!"

He must have been really ticked off by that little push thus he tried to 'hit' me as he made his way back to his other group of friends. Like I said, there was more than ample space to move around thus he didn't manage to 'hit' me. However, he continued his action and had his whole fist brush across Trix's chest purposely. She was traumatized and that really sparked me off~

I gave Trix 3 choices ::
1) Forget about it. (not possible)
2) I take him out. (my choice)
3) Let the bouncers handle it. (knew she'll choose this)

The Bouncers invited us out in which one of them question that guy our claim. He became jumpy and fretted. He denied at first but changed to saying that he was trying to make his way through and did not know he 'hit' her.

That made my blood boil and the next thing was that I had swung my right elbow across his face and asked him if this means that it is ok for me to do this to make my way through the crowd. This surprise action shocked him and the Bouncers. He started to be really afraid as I stared down at him. He then said I pushed him first and I denied that adding on that there was enough space to walk about and if he felt that I had pushed him, he could have asked me and if he was unhappy about it, he could have confronted me and bring it to me like a man.

He could only look at me... starting to stammer... I continued to say that he should be a man and not do something like that on a helpless lady who has no part in his so claimed unjust. I then questioned him if he knew why his parents gave him a mouth and why God gave him that mouth. He could jolly well open up his mouth and said excuse me if he needed more space or if he wanted a piece of me. I too asked if he has been to the army and that if he had ever been to a club because you would very well know how to behave after the army and that small pushes are inevitable.

Last but not least, I reminded him that I know that he has friends inside the club and that I do not give a damm about it. "Even if I'm going down, I will take you down wit me." After saying that, he just stood there curling up and have his head bent looking down. The Bouncer then asked how we wanted to pursue the matter. I said the choice is Trix's though I would gladly bash him here. Trix said to let the matter rest and that guy was made to apologise. We then made our way back in to await for the start of the show.

I can't believe that a 宅男 tried to punk me. Hopefully he learnt a lesson not to act like some Bad Boy just because he has numbers cause he'll never know when he may meet someone who is 'Trouble'. Enjoy the pics from the event

Wear Nike Sportswear to stand out from the masses. LOL~






MC 薛仕凌


DJ 坂本宗華

Trix & I inside St. James Powerhouse.

Trix & I inside St. James Powerhouse. (Vintage)

Trix & I outside St. James Powerhouse.

---===+++ END PT. 1 +++===---

I actually played soccer after more than a decade... It was excellent and it sure rekindled the passion which I use to have during the days of playing for our Nation's U13 squad. Well, apparently according to my colleagues, there is still much of a defender in me and I'm glad I still had it in me. All I can say is that I have always been an agressive defender who always am up to the challenge regardless of what size my opponent is. I enjoyed myself!!

The 'court' which we Nike Peeps played in.

The entrance to the court.

The guys chilling after the shower from the game.

My favorite fun-loving boy, FeFe showing his love for the game.

---===+++ END PT. 2 +++===---

Ending off this post are some pictures I have taken over this 2 weeks which have been inspiring me in various ways. Take care and God Bless People!~

Can you feel the Tranquility from this photo I took?

found a Cat sleeping at the top of the ATM when I was withdrawing cash.

A most inspiring design on the glass of the MRT after the rain.

Monopoly Bunnies turning up the heat on chilly Orchard Road.

---===+++ END PT. 3 +++===---


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