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Tuesday, March 03, 2009 8:55 AM

Just a short update on things.

I reached Stagmont Camp at 7.30am to In-Pro for my reservist. Damm~ It sure is far from my place and I had to wake up so early. Squeezing into both the MRT and LRT which was packed with people which mostly consisits of Students.

As usual, the Army has a tendancy to waste our time or to teach us the value of being Kiasu as we were made to wait for an hour plus for the OC and instructors to arrive to give the openiong speech and briefing. Yeah~ the person who told me that I needed to look for the CO for deferment is an ass for it is the OC of my reservist that I should be talking to. If I knew earlier, I would have given him a call and things would have been more efficient. Anyway at around 9.15am, I was on my way out of the camp and heading home.

Stayed home and rested as I was still not feeling well but as I was feeling bored, I asked Daniel if he wanted to go to school for a short swim and a movie after that. He said, "Anything."

I sure had a tough time swimming as my body still feels weak from my sickness and my arms are really tired from all the regular pumping I've been doing recently. Nevertheless, the swim was great and I was a little rejuvenated from it.

I fiinally managed to catch the movie He's Just Not That Into You. It was excellent and hilarious not forgetting the eye-candy in the form of Scarlet Johanson and Jennifer Aniston. I'm amazed at how Jennifer Aniston manages to look more or less the same as she was during the 'FRIENDS' days. Needless to say, Scarlet Johanson has always been fiery hot and her role in the movie suits her real well.

After the movie, the both of us proceeded to the Steamboat coffeeshop nearby which I suggested to eat before the movie. The picture below will explain itself.

Yeap. Daniel and I ate so much that people around were wondering how come two skinny guys can eat that much. Hahaha~

Thats it for now. Gonna rest a little more before reporting for work.

ps :: I can't wait to be back at NikeID~ I miss the crew. =]

Note :: Something funny I found on Youtube.


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