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Monday, February 23, 2009 7:07 AM

The week has passed and it was indeed a pretty boring one. With work taking up most of my time, I barely had enough for anything else.

However, I found out that I could not clear my 2.4km run in less than 10 minutes like I use to and I wonder if its because I've started to run a much longer distance. Making it worst was that on my last run, I had difficulty breathing and I'm not sure if its due to my health or the stale air stenched by a foul smell from the big drain along the running route.

I managed to play a little friendly basketball on Saturday with Zhi Sen, Daniel and XM before starting the practise of the Chorus Choreography of 罗志祥 - 撑腰. It was really fun though there wasn't many of us but kudos to XM, Daniel, Steve, Fook Yu and Trix for being there. Sadly, we only managed to get 4 sets done since we started warm-up at only 11am and ended at 12.30pm. I can see that the 'TEAM' was definately ready for more but as I had to get ready for work, thats all the time I had. Sorry guys!

Thats all for now. Take Care & God Bless!

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