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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 10:05 AM

My previous post was removed upon request from NIKE because though it was my freedom of speech however it did bring forth some unpleasentries to the Brand. I apologise if it did and that it was never my intention to defame the company in anyway.

Whatever it is, I'm glad the company has heard the Retail Team's voice and has taken action and assured that there will be improvements over time. Hopefully, issues that need immediate action will be taken care of ASAP so as the store can function more efficiently.

- - - - - - - - - -

As for recent happenings, it has more of less become a mundane routine life. Not much of an excitement however there is always an injection of life & joy from the F4 circle.

First of all, OZ is now happily attached and though we've been teasing him and all but we are truely glad for him and I wish Celeste and him all the best as they will have to try to maintain a long distance relationship.

I fullfilled my promise to Trix as we went to Sentosa for our cycling trip. The two-person bicycle ride was hilarious and fun. She was screaming when I sped as she couldn't keep her feet on the peddles as it was too fast for her. The scary thing for me was when I insisted that she should take control and be the one handling the bike even though she had warned me time and again that she couldn't really cycle. My disbelief sure had its consequences as I was certainly afraid as the bicycle couldn't keep its balance and we swayed to and fro and bound for a fall but thanks to my long legs that acted as the addition two mini wheels, we survived. It was damm funny.

Valentines Day was spent by a sumptuous lunch at Billy Bomber's followed by the 2008 British drama film, Slumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle. Ending it all off, was a simple cosy dinner back over at my place. It was a special day filled with simplicity and joy~

Then last of all, was the Fiesta Brasilia Restaurant which the F4 circle went to yesterday. The food was seriously not too bad and we were all stuffed by all the servings of meat! Wahahaha!! But the best was the little surprise we got when the three Brazilians chefs came out and performed songs for us. Then the Brazilian waitress started to dance and invited us to do so with her which we obliged. It was so much fun~ Too bad OZ couldn't make it. Hee~

- - - - - - - - - -

Will be working for the next nine days straight thus I'm really gonna enjoy my rest day today. Take care peeps and God bless!

note :: will be posting pictures of the Jordan shoes that are available in the Nike Wisma Door when I get home tonight. I love my new Air Jordan 1 Retro Infrared~ =]

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