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Saturday, February 28, 2009 1:56 AM

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Canon Digital IXUS i, swirling up a new trend of digital imaging with its sophisticated technologies and stylish design which produces images in 4.0 megapixel resolution, weighing only 100g, In addition to its streamlined body and irresistible finishing, it is incorporated with Canon's proprietary DIGIC imaging processor for outstanding performance.

Release date : 12 September 2003

Managed to get my hands on this antique treasure today by mere coincidence. Bought it at a super budget amount of SGD65 with all its accessories & box. It is such a steal and I'm a happy man as this was one of the cameras I had wanted back in 2004 but didn't get it due to various reasons. Just wanted to share the good news thus ending here. Night & God Bless people.

note :: more pictures below.

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