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Wednesday, February 04, 2009 11:34 AM

Been sick last week... Didn't really do any visiting for the Chinese New Year except for heading down to see my Grandma as promised to my mum and heading down to Trix's place. the only fun thing during this period was that the Guys and I met up on the evening of the first day of CNY at Forum Coffe Bean before heading back to my place for a whole night of mahjong. Guess who won the most; Steve, Merlion, OZ or XM?

Other than that, the whole week was spent playing basketball and getting sunburnt. Hahaha~ It was indeed a pretty boring CNY week. Nothing much happening and work is more or less the same except that there is less people spending and its no wonder since everyone is more cautious of what they are spending on. Take care and God Bless People.

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