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Friday, January 09, 2009 11:39 PM

The week is coming to an end... Tomorrow is the last day of NYP Open House. Watched the performances by JMD, Dance Inc and Foreign Bodies... Even caught Jean Danker in action. However, I shall not comment anything about it at this point of time till Sunday when it is officially over.

I did about 8+km today and my calf muscles were like so damm tired after that. I tried to use the Jogging Buddy function found in my LG Renoir but sadly it is a pathetic program that pales in comparison to the Nike Plus. It didn't record my distance properly as I was going around in circles in the same location and all I had was the time I did my run. I seriously need to get an Apple Nano or Apple Ipod Touch soon.

Anyway after that, I went to the Gym and tried doing the various machines that will help in developing my upper body. I had some assistance from the FYP / Attachment students as I was kinda hopeless with the proper way of using the new machines and at the end of the session, signed up for a personal trainer.

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Finally settled the F4 issue... Whatever that has to be said and heard is done and we'll move on with life as it should be. All in all, things will be relatively the same except that we shall not shelter some nonsense anymore. Its time for us to Grow Up and be Responsible for our own actions.

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