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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 1:51 AM

Summary of the previous week ::

F4 met up and had a little gathering of sorts at TCC. It was a meeting filled with plenty of awkardness and 'waiting'. All in all, we heard what we thought we will hear and said what we had to say... Disappointment was just a mere understatement...

NYP Open House 2009 is the most boring Open House that NYP has ever had since my enrollment in 2002. It just seem so dead and was so unhappening. Moreover, it seems really unorganised and each of the faculty were doing their own thing and was not coordinated to function as a school on the whole. No wonder for the three days I was there, I did not see or feel that there was a crowd in comparison to the past years. Whatever it is, I was really impressed by the shrine that Sakuran Club built.

Work itself was pretty alright as we got our new uniforms however we will only be getting the shoes on this coming thursday. There were more new stuff that came in but it didn't really excite me because the stock that came in for the NikeID Tees were incorrect and we still had sizes missing or of little quantity. It really frustrates me to see a customer coming in already knowing how he wants his Tee yet we couldn't provide as we do not have the size of the Tee in the color he wants. Then too there were the stickers that were made to be given out to help promote NikeID Tees... Hopefully this thing does not end up as a back fire.

- - - - - - - - -

Personally, I have started to run longer distances and do a little of gym on a more constant regularity. It feels great though my muscles are getting all sore and aching from the amount of sports I do almost every other day; be it Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Running and / or Gym.

Have tried runnning in all the running Nike shoes that I have and I love all three of them. The Vomero+2 provides a real cushy ride throughout the run and lets me hold my pace easily while the Zoom Speed Cage is really low to the ground much to my surprise and really propels you however my Favourite is the Lunar Racer which is like the combination of both and it is so light.

I met up with Wendy on 7th Jan 2009 to pass her some things and to watch together. TwilightWendy asked Shu Yi to join us for the movie as she was all moody and upset over something that happened to her recently. Wendy and I had a little chat and food at V8 Cafe as we wait for the arrival of Shu Yi whom I feel didn't change much much to the contrary of Wendy. Hahaha! Alright... I agree that she is more mature now but looks wise, she is pretty much the same. All in all, I had a great time. =]

At night, Daniel came to pick me up as we headed down to Butter Factory to meet up with Dan and his friend Shang Wei. It sure was a good night out with the boys as we enjoyed the free flow of drinks (limited) and plenty of dancing to a pretty good choice of songs by the DJ. Moreover, we were very much entertained by this Masochism display by a butch and the girlfriend; slap, grap, arm around the neck, kiss, pull on the arm, kiss.~

= = = = = = = = = =

Oh yeah, I read about the new Signature Shoe for Michael Jordan... Sad to us Jordan Fans... Jordan XXIII is indeed the last Jordan Shoe and the following one taking over is named the Air Jordan 2009 (*click me). It doesn't look that great and is very much lacking the essence of what make a shoe an Air Jordan. I seriously do not like the protruding outsole at the heel which makes the whole shoe look like an And1 wannabe and is so uncomfortable. A big disappointment from a Brand that have been providing us ballers with a high-end performance shoe that is chic' and advance but never compromising the very 'culture' that makes an Air Jordan. Guess I'll just be buying em' Kobes and Lebrons.

That's all for now and am pretty sorry about the late update... Take care and God Bless people.

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