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Tuesday, January 06, 2009 12:36 AM

Shopping with the guys on Saturday at Queensway Shopping Center was a blast as I managed to get so much good buys on items even my store carries. My favourite buy out of that trip was Trix's Air Jordan 1 (Girls) and my Nike SB Sweater out of the many various products we bought for Chinese New Year.

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As many of you would have noticed that I haven't been blogging much about dance recently and it is of no surprise as I have really stopped dancing and even choreographing. I do understand that many people asked me to continue but sadly, this is not a priority in my life currently and it is too much of a 'luxury' which I could not afford.

I have seen the current JMD practice for the upcoming NYP Open House '09 and though I do have much to say about their practices and stuff but I shall keep it to myself till the Open House is over. Whatever it is, I trust that G4 and Zat would have prepared their babies well enough for performance day and to uphold the JMD reputation that the 06 and 07 batch spent so much effort on establishing.

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There will be much more 'interesting events' of which I will be attending and hopefully I am able to end this week in harmony and joy instend of hatred and pain.


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