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Monday, January 26, 2009 8:46 AM

Before I start, I wanna wish all my readers, a prosperous OX year filled with happiness, good health and sucess in all you do. =]

12 Jan - 18 Jan ::
This was a pretty boring week I must say other than the purchases of the Kobe IVs and Lebron VI and Ezzat's birthday celebration at Waraku Japanese Restaurant (Marina Square).

More about Ezzat's Birthday Celebration. We met up at around 6.45pm at Marina Square Mac before heading over to the restaurant. Sad to say, I still can't forget what Jae has done and am still pretty much affected by the whole "Jae Issue". Needless to say, I do not wish to have any form of conversation with him for it may turn out really ugly and I am still under F4's 'restrain order' (hands off).

At the restaurant, we had a real good dinner and I guess all of us had plenty of fun. However, I was not too happy when Daniel sprinkled pepper into my Lil Sis's ice lemon tea. There is always a limit to the things that we can joke about. Whatever the case is, it is forgiven the very next moment and we joked and talked about all sorts of things.

Topping off the day at Ezzat's Birthday celebration was the news of XM taking Jessica as his God-Sister. This news shocked us since we did not know before-hand. However, this was excellent news and kudos to the both of them and am glad that Jess is still part of the 'circle'.

But the real happening thing of the day was the visual presentation of the Nike Windrunners as all of us who has it wore it with pride. We looked like as if we walked out from the Power Rangers series. Hahaa~

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19 Jan - 25 Jan ::
All I can say is that Monday was real special. =]

I visited Wendy on Thursday during her lunch since I was at the office earlier on. Yes, she was still pretty sick and didn't look that great. We did not have lunch together as Ben was even worst off then her and she is buying lunch specially for him. While we were buying food at the basement foodcourt of Suntec, Valene walked in and saw me. It was such a surprise and it is real good to see her~ Sadly, I had to rush back for work thus the meeting was less than 5 mins. I can't wait to catch up with her as it has been years since we met.

The rest of this week was more or less a routine and sadly, I didn't get to ball this week and hopefully I will get to do so soon. Oh yeah, the last time I played was with Daniel, Marcus, Juriz and Charles. Charles did a lay-up as he clutched the ball from left to right underneath both his legs and put it in. Not only that, he also managed to pull off a reverse 360 lay-up with a little help of accidentally 'stepping' on my right knee.

Last of all was the F4 reunion on Friday night at Ang Mo Kio Steamboat with Lil Sis, Ezzat, XM, Gerry, Merlion, OZ and Jess. It has been so long since I had so much pork. However, I feel kinda bad for Ezzat for there wasn't anything much for him to choose from and Merlion accidentally put some pork stuff into his steamboat. Whatever it is, we still had plenty of fun chatting and eating.

Well, I gotta go~ Take Care & God Bless!

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