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Sunday, December 28, 2008 12:26 AM

Xmas celebrations were crazy with plenty of love from both God & my friends. There was just so much love and joy that I was just overwhelmed but sadly I was too tired to really show it with the continuous work during this period. Nevertheless, I wanna thank all my friends for the wondrous NIKE presents. I had never receive so much NIKE gifts on one ocassion before. I do understand that I'm working at Nike now but that doesn't limit me to only Nike stuff yah? Gucci, CK, AgnesB and DKNY works fine for me too. Hahaha!

Thats all for this week. Too tired~ Will update on my next off day. God Bless and Night!

ps: Sometimes through the Bliss there is still the hunger for more and this unsatisfactory with what you have will corrode all there is and bring forth destruction.

NikeID Tee price list ::
NikeID plain Tee - SGD 27
Nike Registered Graphic Print - SGD 12
Nike Trademark Logo - SGD 12
Nike Slogan "JUST DO IT." - SGD 15
Alphabets - SGD 2 per Letter
Numbers - SGD 5 per Number
Symbols / Punctuations - SGD 1 per Symbol / Punctuation

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