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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 3:20 AM

NikeID X

The NikeID Tee which I designed and paid for to be made. Haha~ Obviously I was the one who printed it and made sure that it turned out the way I had visioned it to be. Hopefully this will inspire you peeps to be more creative in your customisation of your NikeID Tee should you want one too.

ps: My this Tee is nearly SGD 100...


Nike Dunk High Pro Sb Medicom Bearbrick

The whole packaging~ =]

The Shoe itself.

The insole of the shoe.

Thank God my colleague Richard knows the owner of the seller of this pair of Nike Dunk High Pro Sb Medicom Bearbrick. His friend was selling it off for SGD 300 at WARPED but all thanks to Richard, I only paid SGD 250 for it. I have been eyeing this pair of kicks when I last saw it and especially more so when I saw Richard wearing the low version during our training days. Well, this is gonna be the Xmas Prezzie I got for myself this year!!

Will be going for the Nike Run organised by the company for staff along Singapore River (estimated 8km) in another hour plus, thus will be ending here. Have a good day ahead people. God Bless!

ps: Not sure if I should wear the Vomero 2 or Luna Racer...

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