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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 12:20 AM

NikeID Studio Singapore [Tee Customization] ::
Streething ~ blankanvas ~ Fidelis ~ Gadget 3

I personally printed the tees of these four famous blogs. There sure is a sense of satisfaction to see their face beaming with a appreciative smile. Thanks Choo Ee of Streething, Pat of Blankanvas and Fidelis of theluckiestchick for your compliments and faith in me. The photographer from Gadget 3 was damm cool too~ "Glad that I was able to create your personalized tee for you."

Thanks Guys for dropping by to show your support and getting some stuff from the shop and I sure hope you guys love your NikeID tee, especially Trixy since she was served by our lovely manager Cheryl.

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Yes! I haven't been updating as I was super busy with the opening of the pinnacle Nike Store of Southeast Asia. All the long hours and hard work is worth it as I see the smiles of the people walking in impressed not only by the decor and merchandise but by the service that they are getting. They were indeed feeling the true NIKE EXPERIENCE and I am glad I am one of those who is offering it.

I have heard much from my friends about me appearing on Channel News Asia and the Papers however I have yet to see any of them and am really wondering how did I look in the video / pictures. Man~ (May of Channel News Asia is prettier in person)

Even though there were much to rave about this Nike Store which I am so proud of, I have to admit that I am a little disappointed as I thought that it would look even better and the basketball corner was not exciting at all. Sad to say, there are many others who agree with me and have walked into the store hoping that there will be a better range of products in the basketball line but only to leave for Nike BIRD Shaw; "Sorry guys but most of our basketball products are found at Nike BIRD Shaw and they are carrying the Lebron VI." I wonder how much more must we ballers do to be recognized and noticed by the goverment and sports companies that there is an a big active basketball community.

Whatever it is, I hope to see you guys in the store and if you do drop by, do not hesitate to come up to me and say Hi. Good Night and God Bless.

nOTE :: Finally got myself a new phone thus the days of Nokia 7610 officially comes to a stop once again.

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