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Monday, December 15, 2008 1:04 AM

I've finally seen the article about the NikeID Tee on GADGET3. I have to admit that I look kinda ridiculous in the photos but am glad to have been of service to 'simonp'. He sure is a nice chap.

This week I had plenty of rest and partying at the same time as I fell sick on monday night yet still attended two clubbing invitations on both Wednesday and Thursday. Whatever it is, I was glad to be back to work on Saturday all rejuvenated though I was still feeling a little weak.

I will be posting up photos of my own paid NikeID Tees soon. Yes~ if you peeps are wondering that I'm getting my own NikeID free then you are wrong. The Nike Singapore Store is an exclusive store that even staff does not get any discounts or what-so-ever unless its a special event like the one we just had; Company Meeting & In-house Metallic Windrunner Event.

I will post the pictures tomorrow or on coming Tuesday. Cheers and God Bless people.

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