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Sunday, December 07, 2008 11:52 PM

Guess you peeps must be pretty bored about me rattling about the NikeID thus I wouldn't today.

The week passed pretty fast as work was still a mad rush and as usual, I was making the best outta it and having fun at the same time though I could really feel the strain of exhaustion from work recently. Guess most of us are working way too hard in what we believe in. Hopefully none of us will fall sick. =]

Ben from Hong Kong NSW store has finally left for his home and I definately will miss him. He has been a great help in the store especially at the NikeID Counter and has given much insight in regards to his experience in Retail in terms of Nike Hong Kong. He too was the one who nicknamed me the 'Master~' due to my commitment and great work and touch in making each NikeID Tee. I'm really glad some of us managed to get together with him at the Balcony after work before he flew off the next day. It sure is good to meeting a new friend but even better when he is special. Moreover he is from Hong Kong.

- - - - - - - - - -

Finally got to play Basketball again at Cairnhill CC as I did not get a chance ever since the store started. Met some new ballers today, Mark and his friend which both are Americans. Mark is one helluva Center and I had the luxury of having to be his team-mate. Not only that but the rest of my team was one of the better players of the Sunday bunch of ballers.

We dominated the court today but still it was not a stroll in the park for us as the rest of the guys were so inspired to beat the 'unbeatable' team of the day. Sadly, we reign till the end and I even had the best shot of the day.

I was in the triple threat position as i received the pass and I tried a few jab steps in trying to see if I will get an opening for a quick drive but my defender was persistent. I then added a few shot and head fakes while pivoting in trying to get more space and a better look at the basket. Then the moment came... My defender loosen up his 'D' when my back was facing the basket. I leaned in with my shoulder and gave him a little bump as I pivoted to face the rim. He took that shoulder jab and for that split second I had created that space I needed. After so much look at the rim I took that three ball with a little fade-away without any hesitation... and BANG! Nothing but Net!

The peeps at the court all cheered and there I basked in the glory of hitting that clutch shot and winning the game for my team. Every basketballer yearns for such moments especially if you grew up watching Michael Jordan do it repeatedly. Yeah... It feels Good!!

- - - - - - - - - -

I then Spent the rest of the Sunday chilling at Sentosa with Trix, Zat, Merlion and Steve. It has been such a long while since I went to Sentosa... It is so commercialised now that I do not really enjoy it as I used too... It has lost its Natural Beauty.

Zat left to meet Gerry after we exited Sentosa while the rest of us went for dinner at the Burger place I went to the last time at Vivo. Fantastic Food!!

I'm getting tired... Think I shall end here. Nite and Have a great week ahead!

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