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Thursday, December 04, 2008 3:58 AM

ESPN Hong Kong Presenter

This sure is a pleasant surprise. It was just like any other day when Hoffman approached my colleague in regards to NikeID. He was then referred to me as he wanted exactly the same design as I did for the example of using Letters and Numbers : JORDAN 23.

I was excited to know that someone appreciates not only my creativity but the love for Michael Jordan. I explained to him that I wouldn't be able to replicate the exact same design but I could try to do it as similar as possible or even better as the example design was done in a spur of the moment.

He smiled warmly and said he trusts me on it and as we started to chat more, I found out that he was actually the presenter for Sportscenter ESPN (Hong Kong). It is so cool to know that and I couldn't help but wanted to take a picture with a fellow Michael Jordan Fan and it sure is a plus point when he is a 'celebrity'.

Then there was an unsatisfied customer today... Benjamin came right after his work and was frustrated to know that we have yet to correct both his Tee as no message was passed down from yesterday night in regards to it.

After much apologies, he was appeased and in the end, his Tees were his very own 'hands on' and he was so careful and precise in making sure his Letters curved the way he wanted in both Tees as he measured and marked with ruler and pen. He sure took a long time but he left a happy customer and as a friend. I sure love my job.

Last but not least, Blogger Fidel and my friend Trixy both attracted plenty of attention when they wore their NikeID tee to school. There was much praise about their tees and they ended up having to explain where they got the tees from and what NikeID is all about. With such powerful exposure, I expect plenty of people over the weekend who wants their own personalized Nike Tee. Kudos to both of them~

Good Night and God Bless people! Michael Jordan Rocks!!

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